Belgian Café

A franchised pub that’s as popular as its international counterparts

Belgian Café

Belgian Café is one of Doha’s most popular weekend spot, so we are pleasantly surprised to see it packed to the brim on a school night. Everything is still the same from the wooden interiors to the retro artwork but thankfully, the terrace has had an eye-pleasing facelift.   

The seating is still rather uncomfortable but there are high tables now that make the terrace look a bit classier.

A live band with two brilliant voices complete the ambience. It’s one of the very few places in town where the music is loud enough to sing along to and low enough to have decent, audible conversations.

The bar menu is quite extensive and you can find pretty much everything. There’s an outdoor bar, too. There’s a fun selection of mixed beverages including a mint julep which is incredibly refreshing and delightfully tasty. You can even ask for a regular version of it. We highly recommend the iced tea here as well.

The food menu is interesting enough and comes with beverage pairing recommendations. The Belgian mussels here are easily some of the best in town as are the chunky fries with the curry flavoured dipping sauce. You can choose how you want it cooked, either in a classic style or with garlic cream. Other options are available, too. All you need is a Belgian beverage to go along and luckily, it’s all right there on the menu. We love the croquettes here. Don’t miss out on trying the signature dishes like bitterballen and the waffles, of course.

If you’re with a bunch of friends, try the bar platter. It’s a reasonably large selection of all the favourites including bitterballen, cheese croquettes, mussels, fish fingers, a few dips and much more.

Fair warning – weekends can get ridiculously crowded and it’ll probably be a while before you get seated. It comes along with being one of the city’s most loved pubs and we’re really not complaining.

A franchised pub that’s as popular as its international counterparts

For the tasty bites, Belgian beverages and the charming ambience


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