An eclectic bar with a diverse crowd


Orion is renowned in Greek mythology as a fierce hunter with the ability to walk on water.

He stands guard with sword and shield in the almost life-size statue at the front of his namesake bar at the Radisson.

He’s not the only one on the prowl, everyone here is in search of a good time.

The DJ spins an eclectic selection of beats to a crowded bar with an edgy atmosphere.

Orion is a diverse cross-section of Doha’s night owls all unwinding after a busy work week. Interesting characters are plentiful here and one can only describe Orion as Doha’s equivalent of the Cantina bar in Star Wars.

Open until 2am, there’s plenty of time for intimate conversations to run deep into the night. The serving staff are well-drilled and the beverage selection mirrors the other bars at the Radisson. There’s a selection of the classics, some Indian hops and a few mixed beverages. An outdoor terrace gives you quiet time if you need it but it’d be a shame to miss out on all the fun indoors.

The circular lighting and the scent of aftershave, perfume and cigarette smoke linger bombard you with a sensory overload.

It’s certainly not the place to come for a quiet drink on a Thursday night with the girls but if you want to dress to impress and let your hair down, it’s a lively, edgy place to start your evening.

An eclectic bar with a diverse crowd

For a lively evening out with better drink prices than most places


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