Iris Doha

A brand-new open air lounge at the Sharq

Iris Doha
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The partygoers of doha have been waiting for world-famous open-air bar Iris to open for a very long time now. It’s no surprise, then, that the place is absolutely packed to the brim even on a Monday night.

The location is excellent, it’s behind the main building of the Sharq hotel and as soon as you enter, you can see the skyline in the backdrop. It’s not that large in terms of area, but we’re sure there are at least 200 people squeezed into this small space.

We’ve also just figured out why half of Doha is here. It’s ladies’ night and might we say this is one of the best deals in town we’ve heard of for a while. From 8pm until 11pm, ladies get unlimited selected beverages (there’s a special menu to choose from, although it doesn’t have too many options) and a choice between three beef sliders and a bowl of goat’s cheese salad, all for free.

The regular beverage menu is quite extensive. There’s a special sundowners section with each drink costing around QR90. The beverages are on the pricier side, but all the drinks are very creative and specially crafted by expert hands. Iris apparently pioneered an inventive approach to mixed beverages years ago and the expert mixologists brought those skills and secrets to Doha.

The DJ is excellent, but other nights feature live bands as well, which we’ve heard are fantastic.

The décor is quite slick – there are bulbs in metallic fixtures. We also notice a few art pieces around. The seating is surprisingly comfortable for a bar and even though the place is packed, you can still navigate your way around the premises.

It might be a good idea to get out of here before the actual closing time (before 2am) as the valet area is really small and you could get stuck in for hours.

The place is definitely worth all the hype it’s received. Iris Doha is an interesting, unique and much-needed addition to
Doha’s vibrant nightlife scene and it’s no shocker we’re going to be here a lot.

A brand-new open air lounge at the Sharq

Excellent views, fantastic music and the best ladies’ night in town


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