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Maram Allaghi explores a series of paintings and steel sculptures

Models of memories
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If you’re strolling around the Porto Arabia area of The Pearl-Qatar, be sure to stop by an exquisite exhibit featuring a series of paintings and steel sculptures by internationally acclaimed artist Nadim Karam. His work is displayed in the Anima Gallery and visitors can explore the space until December 27. Memory Lapse, Karam’s exhibition, features several polished, stainless steel sculptures that depict his thoughts and reactions, as well as artworks on mixed media that show the creativity in his rebellion.

The Lebanese artist first began practising his craft while completing his PhD in architecture in Tokyo. There he practised cultivating performances, installations and paintings from ideas on life, death and the philosophy of space. Through his art, Karam has created his own theories of space and explains his understanding of it. He uses public art as an instrument of urban activation and regeneration by creating art that introduced new stories in cities. Many of his large-scale, site specific projects can be found in cities such as London, Prague, Melbourne, Dubai, Tokyo and Nara.

Memory Lapse is a whirlwind of Karam’s thoughts, triggering a dialogue between void and fullness. Following his Shout and Silence series, Karam began developing a project to take the viewer on a journey that traces a line from the artist’s stories of memory to his moments of reflection, and then his reactions. Karam describes his exhibition as an enigmatic space where things lose definition and senselessness comes into play. The thought process for the exhibition at Anima Gallery is derived from a cyclonic mess of memories and emotions, He explains, “Standing perpetually in the present, I am carried through time, and lost in it. I am continuously physically immersed in the present moment, but in my thoughts, the past and future coexist with that moment. There are memories, perceptions, knowledge and imaginings whirling around me in a dizzy sandstorm, coloured by moods and experiences.”

His Stretching Thoughts exhibit, a series of paintings and sculptures, expresses the power of the connectivity that we carry within us, the importance of stories and the will to confront situations much larger than ourselves. These paintings and sculptures represent the limitless possibilities the human mind can generate. To contrast that, the human body is rooted in its place as a result of pressures from society, politics, religion and other influences.

“I was in the eye of a sandstorm, tracing threads of stories and their unfolding imagery through an abstract and constantly shifting airborne landscape,” Karam states as he reflects on the mind set he was in while painting this series.

This exhibition begins with Memory Lapse, then deviates into Stretching Thoughts and finishes with Sandstorm. This represents the continuous sequence of emotions and expression in Karam’s work. Pretty heavy stuff, we know, but the exhibit is worth a visit for its sheer uniqueness.
Free. Until Dec 27. Open daily 9am-11pm. Anima Gallery, 30 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (4002 7437).

A collection of works including paintings and sculptures

It’s one of the most unique exhibitions currently on show in Doha

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