Complex curation

Set aside some time this month for an exciting solo exhibition

Set aside some time this month for an exciting solo exhibition by renowned Moroccan artist Younes Rahmoun. His works has been presented at international exhibitions including the Venice Biennial and at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Rahmoun’s solo exhibition titled Little Worlds, Complex Structures presents three works, each has its own unique voice, but each reflects his strong sense of belonging, spirituality and engagement with the social and political urgencies of the world. “Each one of my pieces originates in a form of meditation that takes place before its production, during it, and even after as a receptive experience for the viewer. For me, it is an object of meditation, and I hope that is also the case for the viewer,” says Rahmoun.
Free. Until Oct 20 9am-5pm. VCUarts Qatar (4402 0555).

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