Cultural collectives

Witness a creative take on Qatar’s social and political changes

Cultural collectives
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The newest edition of Mathaf’s Project Space, Bouthayna Al-Muftah: Echoes, is an exciting exhibit showcasing the research undertaken to recollect memories. These memories reflect on the rapid social and cultural changes that Qatar has seen over the past few decades.

Bouthayna Al-Muftah, a Qatari visual artist who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts in 2010, interestingly shares local memories that question current practises influenced by technology. A popular traditional group game played by young boys and girls in this region is taken into context and deconstructed. Various forms of the game redefine cultural narratives, and each part offers a symbolic expression in the space taken up by the artist. This space is created to depict the intersection of the past and
the present.

Al-Muftah uses various artistic media including drawing, printmaking and installation. The various forms of media work together to archive her memories and personal encounters that are creatively displayed in the exhibit. They also acknowledge the relationship between traditional stories and contemporary artistic expression. You’ll love how familiar all the elements are here.

It’s rather interesting to see how Qatar has transformed over the last few years and how this has translated into a new generation of artists who are trying to make sense of this change, and also be part of the change in creative ways. Last month we looked closely at Remember When, the exhibit that humorously depicts the changes in the political situation in Qatar. Several young artists are pushing the boundaries of creative expression and a strong sense of individuality has emerged.
Free. Until September 10. Open Sat-Thu 9am-7pm; Fri 1.30pm-7pm. Mathaf, Qatar Foundation, Al Luqta Street (4402 8855).

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