Chuckle Club in Doha

Comedian Bruce Devlin shares a few secrets about stand up comedy

Chuckle Club in Doha

Besides sharing a name with a famous Australian golfer, comedian Bruce Devlin is known for many things, including storming the Scottish circuit back in 2000 with a show-stealing stand-up performance at a comedy course graduation gig.

Since then he’s been a regular on stages throughout Scotland, including being on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival bill, on the radio and at high profile live shows as a stand-up and compere.

But there’s still plenty to know about the man, like he’s actually a little grumpy, as we find out when he reveals his top things people don’t know about comedians. So, it’s over to you Bruce…

What folks don’t know about being a comic is that you’re not on all the time! Sometimes you like to be quiet, walk the dog and avoid people. The times I’ve heard ‘tell me a joke,’ ‘here’s a joke for you,’ ‘you can have that,’ or ‘don’t use that now?’ Honestly, I could scream! I wouldn’t want their utter rubbish as I write my own stuff and the awful jokes they give me would get me sacked.

You have to deal with people thinking they have the automatic right to critique you – that wouldn’t happen in teaching or police work.

It’s a good life. I’ve seen the world through being a comic but at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s lonely! Not for me, as I hate people, but you do spend loads of time travelling and preparing alone.

The vast majority of comics aren’t that social either – it’s just a job. You turn up, do your stuff and leave. Also, I’m not a comedy fan! Ironic I know, but it’s not something I’d watch live or on TV. There are only a couple of exceptions.

The industry is populated with whining individuals who begrudge everyone’s successes and rejoice in their failures. It’s the un-funniest of businesses on occasion.

Comics don’t want to be told at corporate gigs who people do find funny instead of you.

All in all it’s a great job with weird, wonderful and interesting people!

Quick fire questions

Worst one-liner you’ve ever heard?
The worst one liner is from a performer called Sassy Stryker: ‘Have you got a cigarette as mine are in the machine?’

Best one-liner you’ve ever heard?
Bette Davis: ‘There’s two things I don’t like about you. Your face!’

If you weren’t in comedy, what would you do?
Panic! How would I eat? I’m completely unemployable.

Most embarrassing moment?
Most embarrassing comedic moment was insisting a woman start clapping. Then I noticed she only had one hand!

Who’s your favourite comedian?
Margaret Cho [American comedian, fashion designer, actress, author and singer-songwriter]. She’s particularly exceptional.

Chuckle Club in September

The monthly comedy club is back after a summer hiatus for two nights of live performances at Dunes, Grand Hyatt, West Bay Lagoon on September 7, and Crowne Plaza, Airport Road on September 8, from 8.30pm respectively. Tickets cost QR120 and can be bought online.

Alongside Bruce Devlin, the line-up includes:

Kyle Grooms

The American actor, writer and comic delivers an honest and intelligent view of the world while giving an intimate look into his life growing up in New York. Among many other achievements and notable gigs, Kyle has appeared on his own Comedy Central special, made multiple appearances on VH1 and NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ and ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ and even had his first comedy CD – ‘The Legend of the Jersey Devil’ – named as one of the iTunes’ Top 100 Comedy CDs of 2009.

Tom Toal

Hailing from the south east of London, Tom Toal is a rising comedian, writer and actor who debuted on ‘On The Scrapheap’ – a show about the break-up of his six-year relationship at the Edinburgh and Leicester festivals in 2010. Following some widespread rave reviews, Tom has had follow-up laugh-a-minute shows and performed at various hit shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. He’s one to watch.

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