The Corridor art gallery in Doha

Everything you need to know about a new art initiative at the Grand Hyatt Doha

The Corridor art gallery in Doha
Dallon August
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Dallon August

There’s a new art initiative at the Grand Hyatt called “The Corridor,” encouraging local artists to exhibit and sell their work. You can find this work… well… in the corridor of the hotel.

Based downstairs in the lobby area, 19 artists from 17 different nationalities have participated in a local initiative to have their artwork exhibited at the Grand Hyatt hotel as part of a summer exhibition.
With it being difficult to exhibit art and get your name out to the public at large, this gives residents an opportunity to showcase their skills. A panel looked at over 45 artists, rattling down to the 19 on display at the hotel after a call out was made for a piece of art of any impression and style, as long as it could be hung up on a wall.

How it came about
The Hyatt Thrive Initiative is a worldwide concept that is designed to help local communities and the artists. As well as being able to showcase their work, the artists can also sell their work, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Room to Read charity, focusing on improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world. The goal of the hotel, through this scheme and others, is to raise enough money to purchase a school library in a third world country by the end of 2015.
With the core values of the initiative across the globe being about getting the local community involved and benefitting these people, this scheme chimes well with the Thrive Initiative values as it offers visitors a view of Qatar and the broader Middle East region as seen through the eyes of the exhibiting artists.

Partnering with Pip
Locally-based Australian artist Pip Hoy has been overseeing the project as curator and art consultant, and was one of the panellists who decided on the artists to be shown to the public. She explained why working with the Hyatt on this initiative in particular was something that appealed to her:

‘I really connected with the Hyatt when I had a solo exhibition in the hotel last year. As an artist myself, I know how hard it is to exhibit work, and this initiative provides an opportunity for these artists to do so. It also gives me new tasks, such as managing a gallery space.’

Artwork on show
The range of drawings and paintings are extensive and eclectic, with prices ranging from QR500 to QR14,000. Notable pieces include an up-close drawing of an exploding pomegranate, a camel, koi fish, daisies, portraits of a few typical Arabic designs and more, with a range of techniques and materials used, including the use of charcoal, oil paint, collages and acrylics.

Dallon August, a New Zealand, Māori expatriate resident in Doha for nine months, explained why he got involved in the initiative:

‘I wanted to find opportunities to get my work out in Doha. I’ve sold a lot of work back in New Zealand with my own gallery so it is nice to get back into it. And it was great to meet different artists from other countries. I loved all the different work on show.’

‘One of my pieces is called Boundaries. I drew inspiration from the fact that, aesthetically, everything seems walled off in Doha. You can see and observe, but you can’t go through. You can look through the windows at the bottom of the picture, but the barrier still remains.’

In the future
The Corridor exhibition, on show during the summer months, is designed to be rolled out yearly as it is hoped the initiative will grow year-on-year. Although all the artists this year have drawn their artwork, there is scope for photography to be included in the exhibition, as well as other artistic styles.

Get involved in 2016
Submit your artwork early for your chance to be in next year’s summer art exhibition.
Email Grand Hyatt Marketing Communications Manager Noha Belhaj on or call (4448 1234). The exhibition is open now and will run until August 31.

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