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Art exhibitions in Doha
For March

Qajar Women
This exhibition demonstrates the centrality of women in the artistic expression of 19th century Iran and how it continues to inspire contemporary artists. The most popular representations of the Qajar era have been of male sovereigns, whose life-size portraits exaggerate masculinity to depict power. Yet this era also saw a period of artistic modernisation in Iran, particularly in paintings and photography, in which depictions of women became essential elements of the scenes. Showcasing women at the court, and in private, alongside images of female musicians and aristocratic women, this exhibition explores rarely-told narratives of the Qajar artistic tradition.
March 25-April 9, Museum of Islamic Art, Corniche (4422 4444),


Diwani for men
Free of charge diwani classes for men.
Until April 22. Every Wednesday 5pm-8pm, Museum of Islamic Art Classroom, Corniche (4422 4444),

Diwani for women
Diwani is a style of calligraphy developed during the time of the early Ottomans. Developed for the the Ottoman diwan, it was one of the secrets of the sultan’s palace and was used for writing royal decrees and other documents. Diwani calligraphy is known for its beauty and harmony on the page.
Until April 27. Every Monday 5pm-8pm, Museum of Islamic Art Classroom, Corniche (4422 4444),

Ruq’af for women
Ruq’ah script is the last calligraphy invented at the Ottoman court, reaching its height in the 19th century. The simple, clear style of Ruq’ah script makes it ideal for students starting Arabic calligraphy.
Until April 30. Every Monday & Thursday 5pm-7pm, Museum of Islamic Art Classroom, Corniche (4422 4444),

Ruq’af for men
The calligraphy classes are also for men.
Until April 30. Every Sunday & Wednesday 5pm-7pm, Museum of Islamic Art Classroom, Corniche (4422 4444),

Marvellous creatures
This exhibition focuses on the real and mythical animals that appear in the legends, tales, and fables of the Islamic world. Divided into the natural quadrants of earth, air, fire, and water, these marvellous creatures introduce timeless stories such as the well-known and beloved classics: Shahnameh, Kalila wa Dimna and The Thousand and One Nights. The variety of objects presented in this exhibition – manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glass, and metalwork – ranging from the 10th to the 19th centuries, demonstrate the enduring appeal of these characters and stories across diverse cultures.
March 4-July 11. Museum of Islamic Art, Corniche (4422 4444),

Every week

Walk in gallery tours
Join MIA’s museum guides for a tour of its outstanding collection of Islamic art objects, stretching over 1,400 years and three continents. Available in English and Arabic. No booking required, just turn up. Free entry.
Every Thursday and Saturday 2pm, Museum of Islamic Art, MIA Atrium, Corniche (4422 4444).

Science in art
Join MIA’s museum guides for a new tour of all things science related in its collection of Islamic art. Available in English and Arabic. No booking is required and it is free.
Every Wednesday 2pm, Museum of Islamic Art, MIA Atrium, Corniche (4422 4444).

Family Friday
Come for a family tour of MIA’s permanent collection. This animal-related tour is suitable for younger children and available in Arabic and English, with no booking required. Free of charge.
Every Friday 3pm, Museum of Islamic Art, MIA Atrium, Corniche (4422 4444).

Calligraphy workshop
Come and explore ancient Arabic writing and scripts from the past with your family and make your own beautiful letters. All ages welcome.
Every Saturday 1pm-3pm, Museum of Islamic Art, MIA Atrium, Corniche (4422 4444).

Visit the library
Browse the collection of books with your family and find out more about Islamic Art and MIA’s collections and visit the MIA library’s dedicated children’s section. Entry is free.
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday noon-5pm, Thursday & Saturday noon-8pm, Museum of Islamic Art, MIA Library, Corniche (4422 4444),

Group tours
Tours of MIA’s permanent collection, special exhibitions and library are available for schools and other educational groups for no charge.
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am - 12:30pm, Museum of Islamic Art, Corniche (4422 4641),

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