Vodafone Qatar switches on its 5G network

Driverless cars, lightning-fast speed and lots more to look forward to

Vodafone Qatar switches on its 5G network

The way we live and work is about to get better as Vodafone Qatar announced switching on its first live 5G network. The stage is set for how 5G will transform our lives, enabling exciting new applications such as remote patient healthcare and driverless cars. The way industries operate, too, will be significantly enhanced.

The new 5G networks have incredible speeds but more importantly, ultra-low latency, which means shorter times required to stream data between two points. This is an important step in local technological advancement as Qatar progresses towards fulfilment of its National Vision.

5G will change how we all connect to people and things around us, forever. A number of potential applications of 5G technology these will improve the lives of the country’s residents. With the Middle East’s first World Cup coming to Qatar in 2022, Vodafone’s 5G network will be able to deliver the ultimate experience for millions of sport fans watching and sharing the action live in person, or accessing it via uninterrupted, super-fast connectivity.

Vodafone also relays the positive potential of 5G for the transportation sector, enabling sophisticated communication between vehicles, traffic management and coordination, advanced driver assistance and ultimately, fully autonomous self-driving.

Qatar has made huge strides in the drive to be self-sufficient and 5G will only accelerate this. In the agricultural sector, 5G will monitor, track and automate systems at lightning fast speed, support the development of smart-farming and allow farmers to better measure things on a day-to-day basis remotely.

With roll out now well underway, Vodafone Qatar expects to connect its first customers when 5G devices are available. Just don’t be surprised if you can read Time Out Doha via an uber-cool hologram.

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