Quick Guide to Angry Birds World

Shereen D’Souza gets a first look inside the world’s only Angry Birds amusement park

Quick Guide  to Angry  Birds World
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We’re about to enter the Angry Birds World theme park, and as we’re tapping our feet to the groovy theme music, Chuck and Red rush to greet us.

This moment is important. We always thought we were too old for this, but one look at Red’s fluffy, angry eyebrows and everything changes – we’re like little kids all over again.

This is the world’s first Angry Birds-themed amusement park – developed by Trimoo in partnership with Rovio Entertainment. It looks like an incredible family destination with something for everyone. Every inch is perfectly detailed, the theme running strong throughout. It brings together all the madness from the global gaming sensation and the blockbuster movie under one roof.

The park occupies more than 17,000 square metres of space, incorporating an expansive indoor and outdoor area. It houses a slingshot, roller glider, a trampoline park, drop towers, sand play areas, reverse bungee rides and so much more. There are lights everywhere from all these different rides (some of which look slightly scary).

We take a closer look at what you can expect to do once through the gates.

1 Be awestruck by the outdoors
It’s exciting. We dare you to try the 42-metre-high Super Slingshot tower that catapults you more than 60 metres into the air. If all goes well, you can thank us later. If you’re feeling slightly more cowardly, there’s the Raft Battle River for you to try, which has eight boats. There’s also the 1,125 square metre City Studio, which islike an obstacle course with climbing ropes and three roller gliders. A bit like a zip line, it combines the thrill of free-falling and hang gliding.

2 Bounce in the trampoline park
Think Bounce Doha, on a slightly smaller scale, and you have this cool trampoline spot on the second floor of the amusement park. Besides bouncing, the play area has plenty more facilities to keep you entertained, including a basketball court and a kids’ court. There’s a foam area, too. Sadly, or luckily, usage of the area is limited to 30 minutes only, leaving you more time to try out everything else…

3 Celebrate your Bird-day
That’s quite clever. Angry Birds World has a big hall that can be partitioned into two smaller rooms if required, for children (or immature adults like us) to celebrate their birthdays. It has a great medieval theme and there’s so much space, you can even pack in a dance session or some yoga, for a change. Although, we’d probably spend that time eating cake. Just saying.

4 Climb the Big Tree
This is the first thing you’ll notice when you enter – a massive tree with different levels. The Big Tree is a multifunctional space – there are workshops for children inside, and kids can learn the basics of science, improve their musical abilities or just get creative. The Big Tree also has a mini obstacle course and a 106-metre roller glider for the adventurous.

5 Get your aggression out in the bumper cars
All the bumper cars have Red’s head at the front with a driver’s hat on. The branding is brilliant and super-cute. Make Red angrier than he already looks by bashing into the other cars – and get some of your own anger out while you’re at it.

6 Eat themed food
Eleven food and beverage outlets are due to open inside the park, but currently, there’s one café, which serves up food themed around Angry Birds – think burgers emblazoned with the characters. It’s mostly Mexican and South American dishes on offer. Expect some really good tacos here. The seating area around here is perfect because it allows you to keep an eye on your children while they’re playing and you can just kick back with a nice coffee.

7 Go-kart like a pro
There is a 261-metre track here that sees at least 11 go karts racing across it. It’s partly indoors and partly outdoors, making the track a very exciting one – and a world-first. It’s also the region’s first multi-level track, so you’ll be driving up and down uneven ground in possibly the most exhilarating thing inside the theme park. Besides the sling-shot, of course.

8 Grab your pictures
When you’re leaving, make sure to hand over your bracelet to check out pictures of you that were taken inside the park. It can’t be that bad. And even if it is, the digital copies are for free.

9 Head to the Hatchlings area
There are play areas and a little nursery for toddlers, while the older kids battle itout at a game of laser tag, just around the corner.

10 Make a beeline for the arcades
There are more than 70 arcade machines here – yes themed – and there’s an entire redemption section, too, where you can collect gifts in exchange for tokens won. Besides this, there’s a separate retail area as well, where you can buy original and official Angry Birds merchandise.

11 Park charges
Entrance to the park is free, but all the rides inside are chargeable. You have to top-up your card with a minimum of QR150 before you enter, in order to be able to use it in different areas. The money that isn’t used is refundable, or you can just keep it for the next time, because you’ll definitely be back.
Opening date to be announced (keep an eye on www.timeoutdoha.com for updates). Doha Festival City, www.angrybirdsworld.qa (4035 4444).

Angry Birds World highlights

The total number of rooms available for you to celebrate your “Bird-day” in. Take the medieval-themed space as one or divide it if your party isn’t massive.

The amount of restaurants the park will house. To begin with, try the café serving up Angry Birds-themed food and Mexican flavours.

The number of unique attractions in the park. From drop towers and reverse bungee rides to bumper cars and more, there are plenty for everyone to try.

The amount in metres that the slingshot tower catapults you. The 42-metre-high ride is one of our favourites at Angry Birds World.

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