Quick Guide to Al Wakrah

Everything you need to know about Al Wakrah

Quick Guide to Al Wakrah

I’ve heard of it. Isn’t it really far?
Not with all the new roads that have been constructed. Barely 30 minutes away is a whole new city, with a fair amount of things to do to keep you occupied.

Anything interesting?
That would depend on your interests. If you’re into food, there are several new and interesting restaurants that have opened recently, from authentic Qatari to Italian. If beaches are your thing, there are two of them. Want a little more adventure? Drive 30km more for some dune bashing. There’s Ezdan Mall if you want to shop, or chill at a mall.

I have a family…
That’s perfect. The Wakrah Souq is really beautiful and perfect for a stroll with the family. It has its own corniche with dhows anchored and restaurants all along the way. You can find everything here from Brazilian to Indian food.

Any good restaurants besides the one in the Souq?
Lots, actually. There’s an entire street filled with restaurants before the Pearl Roundabout. You have the regulars like Chili’s and Costa Coffee. Barwa Village is nearby too, with lots of casual dining options.

Any activities?
Yes, check out Fun Ville in Ezdan Mall. There’s a bunch of exciting activities and mall rides for children to let loose and have a good time.

That could be a fun night out. I’m thinking of something a bit more adventurous, but low-key at the same time.
Did you know there is a port in Wakrah? It’s a great fishing spot! Grab your gang and your fishing gear and spend the evening, or night, pulling out some tasty fish. You can even barbecue them later.

How about something more suitable for the day time?
The beach! Wakrah Family Beach is great for barbecuing, or swimming in shallow waters. There are several playgrounds, so volleyball and football are great options. Check out the Wakrah Park too, there are a few rides and other attractions.

It’s still far from the main city.
So what? Once you’re here, you need nothing from the main city. There are groceries, schools and even huge government hospitals that cater to every medical need. The housing here is cheaper than it is in Doha, with lots of great offers going on. With the new roads, including the Orbital Road, everything is easily accessible.

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