Doha Al Nasr Street guide

We take a look at one of Doha's finest streets and try not to mention hidden gems

Doha Al Nasr Street guide

Al Nasr Street? Sounds like you’re about to bleat on about Doha’s “hidden gems”.
You’re on to us. But hear us out… the hotchpotch of shops and restaurants along this road may not be hidden, but they are most certainly gems.

Alright, I’ll bite. Where to?
Start at the end that joins Al Amir Street and work your way along to C Ring Road. You’ll find tailors, Arabic perfumers, specialist clothing shops, cheap barbers and more on your way. Colour Note stocks all manner of art supplies and stationery, specialist dive shop, Pearl Divers, is ideal for, well, divers, while gamers will find several shops to browse through.

I do love to poke around shops. Tell me more.
Excellent, then you’ll love Kashmir Handicrafts Emporium. It’s full of brightly embroidered jackets, vibrant pillows, throws and pashminas, inlaid boxes, carved side tables and other bits and bobs of home décor. There’s bowls of vintage-style pendants, made with unusual gems like goldstone, to rummage in and upstairs is covered with hand-picked rugs from countries like Iran, India and Pakistan. Prices aren’t particularly cheap, but they’re easy to haggle down.

All this rummaging has made me hungry. Where should I go?
You can’t walk a metre down this road without coming across a little Lebanese joint or Filipino spot. This street is home to some of the best budget eateries in town. In fact, Turkey Central is no stranger to our Best Budget award. Believe the rumours: the kebabs are truly excellent and accompanied by doughy baked bread. Sidi Bou Said is a charming little Tunisian place, or head to Patisserie Suisse for a bag of nuts and dates to snack on. London Bakery does amazingly elaborate cakes, plus there are kitsch little juice bars like Jamaica Cocktail and Vitamin Palace (complete with floor-to-ceiling fruit wreaths).

Kebabs and juices are all very well and good, but I’m a more adventurous diner than that. What else have you got for me?
Head to the quirky little Thai Snack where you’ll find plenty of bizarre items on the very long, authentic (and fantastically cheap) menu.

Only on Al Nasr Street

Shanzelize Palace (formerly Champs Elysee)

This antiques shop is hilariously un-selective about its stock. Gramophones, Nokia 3310s, Princess Diana crockery, old Quality street tins, 7up cans, taxidermy (including a sting ray) – anything goes. There are jumbles of rusty keys, piles of old letters, collectible stamps, ancient cameras and so, so much more.
Next to Thai Snack (no number).

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