How to get a driving licence in Qatar

Want to hit the roads in Doha? First you will need to get a driving permit

How to get a driving licence in Qatar

Firstly, you will need to obtain a driving licence. Certain nationalities can exchange their driving licence for a Qatari one without having to take a driving test and this includes most European nationalities. Citizens from the USA and other Middle Eastern countries will need to take a driving test. You can find out if you need to take a test by simply calling a driving school. There are numerous driving schools, including Gulf Driving School (4465 2666); Al-Rayah Driving School (4487 7774) and the Doha Driving Academy (4479 2263).

What you need
1. Fill out and complete the Driving Application form. This will need to be done in Arabic. There are offices outside the Traffic Department (Madinat Khalifa, Khalifa Street), where you can get the form completed for a small fee.

2. You will need to provide a ‘no objection letter’ from your sponsor. Again, this will need to be in Arabic.

3. A copy of your passport.

4. Five coloured, passport-sized photographs on a blue or white background.

5. A copy of your Residential Permit/Qatari ID.

6. Now comes the eye test. You will need to get this done at specific optical eye-wear shops. They will give you a form with the results on. You will need to take this to the Traffic Department.

7. A copy of your sponsor’s company’s registration.

Passing your test

For those people who haven’t learned to drive yet, or who have to go through the procedures to get a Qatari licence, passing the driving test is not easy in Doha. Even if you are a competent driver, it is difficult to pass the test on the first attempt. If you require lessons, there are many different driving schools in the city that you can learn from, as mentioned previously on this page.

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