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Motoring expert Mohamad Wehbi on driving, buying and selling cars in Qatar

Cars in Doha

How did Cars in Doha come about?
Cars in Doha is a company I set up myself four years ago now, as I realised the car market was big in Doha and expanding rapidly. My job entails helping people buying and selling their cars in the best way possible. The website I run also has many other useful bits of information for driving in Doha, such as taxi details, breakdown information, driving schools, insurance companies and daily news keeping you abreast of what is happening in Doha regarding road closures, etc. We also hold monthly competitions for our visitors where they can enter and win various prizes, including tickets to driving events and car accessories.

Tell us how to sell a car
Selling a car in Doha has become a lot easier in recent times.
Some people prefer to advertise their car online rather than putting their car into a local showroom. Saying this, we have noticed that some people still like to physically go to a showroom as they enjoy the experience of looking at and test driving the cars.

And how do people sell their car through you?
As the internet continues to grow in Qatar, people can advertise their cars for sale on various websites. The main websites for doing this include Cars in Doha, Qatar Sale and CarSemar, plus a few others. Cars in Doha offers a service where we get in contact with the seller and offer to sell their car for them. This means that the seller is relieved of all the pressure and time constraints of having to sell the car themselves.

If a buyer decides to advertise their car online with us, then we will go and take photos of the car for them as well as collect the information. The car will appear on the website the same day, plus we are strong believers in promoting the car on our social media platforms. There are websites that require payment every month in order to keep advertising your car; this can be costly, especially if your car is not selling.

Cars in Doha, however, has a one-off fee of QR100 for a normal car listing and QR250 for a homepage listing.

What do you do if you break down in Doha?
Breaking down anywhere in the world is not a fun experience, especially in Qatar. If you do find yourself in this position, the first thing you need to do is get yourself to a safe position, put your hazard lights on and then step away from the car. The next step is to contact a breakdown company. If you have access to the internet, go to Cars in Doha where there is a list of companies that offer a breakdown service. If you don’t have access the internet, either call a friend or call the police (contact number 999) and explain what has happened and your location.

Once your car is on the breakdown truck, you will need to decide which garage to go to. Some people prefer to take their car to the dealer’s garage. This is a good option, but it can be more costly. Some people will decide to go to an independent garage. Most of these are located in the industrial area. If your car just needs oil, filters or new tyres, then you can get this serviced at most petrol stations in the city.

What do you do if you have an accident?
It is the scenario everyone dreads in Doha, and sadly it happens a lot more often than it should. Accidents occur in any city it is a daily occurrence in Qatar. If it is a minor accident and you can move from the car, get out and go and ask for the other driver’s details. You will need their name, phone number and plate number of the car. You will then need to go to the traffic department. It is best to try and bring someone who speaks Arabic as not all the officers speak English. Make an arrangement with the other driver to meet them at the nearest traffic department. There are many different locations you can go to, but the main one is Madinat Khalifa Traffic Department.

You will need the following at the traffic department:
• Your Arabic speaking friend/colleague.
• The car you had the accident in so that the officer can inspect the damage.
• Your Qatari driving licence.
• Vehicle registration (Istimara).

After the officers have inspected the car, they will write an official report explaining what happened and which driver is at fault. This report will be entirely in Arabic, so make sure your Arabic friend/colleague translates it all for you. Both you and the other driver will be given a copy of the report. If you were not the one at fault, then you will need to ask the other driver for their insurance details. You will then need to go to their insurance office. Depending on whether your car is new or old, you will need to decide whether you want it to be fixed at the garage certified by your dealership. I suggest you contact the dealership directly to explain the situation. If your dealership has an arrangement with the insurance company you’re dealing with, they will advise you which garage to take your car to. This can be tricky and may cause a debate between you both because the insurance company may tell you to go to a garage that you’ve never heard about rather than a garage that your car dealership recommends.

Some insurance companies will value the damage of the car and then physically give you the cash so that you can decide which garage to take your car to. If your insurance company doesn’t do this, they will give you an ‘insurance report paper,’ which you will hand to the garage, meaning you won’t have to pay for any repairs.
The industrial area is a confusing part of Doha, so we recommend that you bring a friend who drives their car behind you. They can then give you a list back after you’ve dropped your car off at the garage – don’t assume there will be any taxis in this area. Trust me, I know this from experience...
For more information about Cars in Doha, visit or ring 7778 8132 / 5520 3158.

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