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Vampire fiction with nary a sprinkle of glitter to be found Discuss this article

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Vampire fiction with nary a sprinkle of glitter to be found. Combining elements from several post-apocalyptic genres, this is part fantasy, part sci fi, all scary. The book is told in pieces, starting with the modern day as scientist research a potential cure for aging, and instead discover a dangerous ancient virus that turns its victims into vampire like creatures. Fast forward into the future and the remaining humans are separated and isolated from each other, not knowing what lies behind the bright lights and steep walls that protect them from the nightly terror. And the lights are about to go out.

The novel is hefty but hard to put down. While Cronin does a great job giving us a sense of the new world, his forays into the psychic and spiritual elements are occasionally groan worthy. The first in what promises to be an electrifying trilogy, his characters are real and genuine. Their motivations and feelings are clear and true-to-life (even if that life is in a post apocalyptic future populated by horrifying blood sucking demon creatures).

By Jessica Davey-Quantick
Time Out Doha,

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