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Death Is Not an Option book review

In Rivecca’s debut short-story collection, a memoirist who faked divine visions as a child ponders ‘the stunning isolation of non-belief’

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Faithful Place book review

Frank Mackey is the reluctant prodigal son of a dumpy Dublin street called Faithful Place

How It Ends book review

The best popularisers of frontier science pull off a precarious balancing act

The Thieves of Manhattan book review

Adam Langer’s 2008 novel Ellington Boulevard used acidic humour and social commentary to frame the dehumanising consequences of urban gentrification

Best of the Web 2010 book review

Anthologies are tough work, but editors can do themselves a favour simply by limiting the type of submissions by theme or solicitation

Diary of a Very Bad Year book review

While the Great Recession finally appears to be relaxing its grip, it’ll still be a long time before most of us understand why our economy collapsed

Restless Cities book review

From Dickens’s London to the Mumbai of Vikas Swarup’s Q&A, every city is populated by a multitude of human stories

Stevie Wonder book review

From ‘I Was Made to Love Her’ through to ‘A Time for Love’, Stevie Wonder’s lyrical oeuvre is as unreliable as any at giving up personal detail

In-Flight Entertainment book review

Months, years even, go by and you may not read a short story collection

The Pregnant Widow book review

For all its ambition and verbal pyrotechnics, Amis’s The Pregnant Widow is basically a book about boys and girls

War book review

Junger’s book about his time embedded with a US battalion in Afghanistan’s dangerous Korengal Valley

So Much for That Lionel Shriver book review

Reading Lionel Shriver’s latest novel feels like being caught in the middle of a guerrilla war

Rupture book review

Until Dunblane, the massacre of school kids and teachers was something the Brits left to the Americans

Wild Child and Other Stories book review

The title story in this new collection reimagines Victor of Aveyron

Drowned Boy book review

When Gabriel’s first story here, ‘Boys Industrial School’, opens, brothers Nate and Donnie are standing in the road

About a Mountain book review

John D’Agata’s About a Mountain is a study of political myopia

The Silver Hearted book review

Intriguing second novel from David McConnell

More Miles Than Money book review

Musical journey through America is part travelogue part musical biography


The Knowledge

Camping with kids
Nov 1

Get the kids off their mobiles and into Doha’s great outdoors

New culture law
Nov 1

A new legal framework for cultural heritage for the State of Qatar

Femmes on foot
Nov 1

Time Out goes behind the scenes of Doha’s first-ever all-female run across the country


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