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The Memory Chalet book review

Beautifully written and thought-provoking look at the 20th century

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Sunset Park book review

Established author Paul Auster fictionalises life in south Florida

The False friend book review

Psychologically astute and beautifully written novel by Myla Goldberg

Steampunk II book review

Follow-up collection of Victorian-era and sci-fi stories

Exley book review

Brock Clarke soaks up literature the way the average person soaks up reality TV

You Lost Me There book review

Impressive debut model about a humorous yet sad love story

Palo Alto book review

Spiderman actor turns author with this short story collection

Freedom book review

Franzen gives us the crumbling family unit of Walter and Patty Berglund

The Cry of the Sloth book review

Sam Savage may have the least likely success story to tell

Sourland book review

Joyce Carol Oates is the exact opposite of a Hallmark greetings card

Poisoning the Press book review

Furiously paced real-life thriller set in 1970s Hollywood

Will Grayson, Will Grayson book review

This novel tackles serious teenage struggles

My Life as a Russian Novel book review

Emmanuel Carrère has been known and loved for psychologically probing third-person narratives that stretch tautly and tensely through his novels

The Thousand book review

A writer for both McSweeney’s and Salon, Kevin Guilfoile positions his second novel, The Thousand, as a thinking person’s Da Vinci Code

Vanishing and Other Stories book review

Seldom has a story collection been as aptly named as Deborah Willis’s debut, Vanishing

Richard Yates book review

‘Nobody wants to discuss how lonely life is,’ a character in Richard Yates quips

The Search book review

Set during World War II, The Search follows the story of Jan – a nine-year-old boy from a village in Czechoslovakia

Super Sad True Love Story Gary book review

Had Shteyngart set out to write a postmillennial, pop-culture-saturated homage to War and Peace, he's succeeded.

The Four Fingers of Death book review

The Ice Storm author Rick Moody takes us on a journey of dead astronauts, a deadly virus and a talking chimpanzee.

Smothered in Hugs book review

Known best for his outre fiction, Cooper has also carved out a neat career for himself as a non-fiction stylist


The Knowledge

Camping with kids
Nov 1

Get the kids off their mobiles and into Doha’s great outdoors

New culture law
Nov 1

A new legal framework for cultural heritage for the State of Qatar

Femmes on foot
Nov 1

Time Out goes behind the scenes of Doha’s first-ever all-female run across the country


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