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Trends for the new year

What’s hot for 2015 in the world of fitness?
Every year the fitness world adjusts and evolves to bring in new elements to established classes or completely new classes to try. I’ve been keeping on top of the latest trends by participating in fitness conferences, like Fit Pro London, and checking the American College of Sports Medicine’s worldwide fitness trends poll to bring you the 12 latest fitness trends that will get 2015 buzzing!

1 Technology
There’s a good chance you bought a new Fitbit, JawBone or FuelBand, tracked your sleep and steps obsessively for three weeks, only to get bored with charging it and throw it in a drawer. Many find that wearables, or “telemetry” for the real tech geeks, simply don't offer enough information to keep them interested long-term, and we’re still quite a way from technology that will input calories consumed. That could all change with the arrival of the iWatch from Apple and the surge in workouts that track and display your heart rate, distance covered and speed – and this is just the beginning. Many gyms are developing their own apps that can be incorporated into their classes but can also collect data on your workouts and can then personalise workouts for you based on the data.

2 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
HIIT is still a hit and is only going to get stronger over the next few years. HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity, followed by a short period of rest or recovery. The reason it’s still growing in popularity is because it can be applied to every type of workout, from running and swimming, to bootcamps, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and to the body-weight exercises we’ll all be seeing more of this year. It works for almost all levels of fitness and results can be fast for most people. Plus the higher intensity means classes are often shorter and it’s hard to get bored with such short bursts of activity!

3 Circuit training
Circuit training is similar to HIIT in its speed and intensity. A group of six to 10 exercises are completed one after the other and in a predetermined sequence and each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a set period before having a quick rest and moving on to the next exercise.

4 Recovery
With the popularity of high intensity training programmes comes a new trend of restorative workout recovery classes. Get ready to hear more about your “Myofascial tissue” (the thin connective tissue that extends throughout your body to provide support and protection to your muscles and bones) and how looking after it can improve your workouts and decrease injury risk. Workouts like restorative yoga classes and “Self Myofascial Release” (SMR) methods with massage balls and foam rollers are increasingly becoming part of workout routines.

5 Body weight training
Body weight training uses minimal or no fitness equipment so it’s cheap, and will be on the increase this year. There’s more to this than just press-ups and pull-ups; this trend allows people to get “back to the basics” with fitness. Strength training will also remain a central fitness regime for many health clubs. Incorporating strength training is an essential part of a complete exercise programme for all fitness levels for both male and females. Don’t worry girls reading this, it is very difficult to increase muscle “bulk” without completely changing your diet and lifting really heavy weights – use strength training to tone-up and look fantastic!

6 Barefoot workouts
While “toes shoes” aren’t everyone’s idea of high fashion, barefoot running has increased in popularity since the late 2000s with shoe companies catching on by selling minimalist running shoes for barefoot-like style. The trend is creeping into other areas of the fitness industry with the benefits of increased balance and strengthening your feet and leg muscles. Be sure to break your feet into this style of workout gradually if you have been used to a lot of structure in your workout shoes – the long-term benefits will be worth it!

7 Bootcamps
Research has shown that people who train in a group environment are more successful than those who try to go it alone. Training in the outdoors with fresh air and not cooped up in a gym is also a huge plus. Make the most of this now before temperatures rise again in a few months!

8 Personal training coaching
Personal training used to be seen as something only celebrities and the wealthiest could afford, but they are more accessible now than ever before. The one-to-one coaching and attention you receive is highly beneficial and can produce amazing results.

9 Yoga
The rise and rise of yoga will increase for 2015 with studios and new classes popping up everywhere. Find your inner calm while having a tough resistance workout and stretch to tone-up and increase your flexibility. It’s also a good way of making friends, if you do it in groups.

10 Functional fitness
This is a trend using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living. Functional fitness and special fitness programmes for older adults are closely related. Try Kettlebells and TRX for pure functional training.

11 Fitness programmes for older adults
As the baby boom generation ages into retirement, some of these people have more discretionary money than their younger counterparts. Therefore, many health and fitness professionals are taking the time to create age-appropriate fitness programmes to keep older adults healthy and active.

12 Exercise for weight loss
With GCC Obesity Awareness Day fresh in our minds, weight and fat loss has to be central now to prevent more serious implications, such as diabetes. So let’s get moving!

Ali Longmate is a group fitness trainer, personal trainer, fitness writer and a mother of two young daughters. Contact Ali on (5552 6407) or See for more information.

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By Ali Longmate
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