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Your guide to getting fit

Do you want to fit into clothes from yesteryear? Lose that baby belly, or food belly? Boost your energy? Sleep better? Run faster?... Don’t we all? Whatever you want to achieve, start with simple, measurable and realistic targets. Break your goals down and set them to time limits to avoid frustration. For example, think what you’d like to achieve by, let’s say, Valentine’s Day, by the time of your next holiday, or by this time next year. Visualise what it would be like to be successful and print out your goal and post it on your fridge or your bedroom door to focus on the end result. Follow my eight simple tips to keep to task and get on your way.

TIP 1: Ask for help
While the support of a fitness coach can make all the difference, asking for the support of your family and friends is a great idea. Just tell them what you would like to achieve and ask them to support you to get you there. You may even inspire them to come with you on your fitness transformation!

TIP 2: Make it fun
If you feel under-enthused by endlessly pounding on the treadmill and the whirring of the stationary bike then find classes, activities or sports that you enjoy. Be open to trying new ideas to challenge yourself, boost your form and keep your sanity.

TIP 3: Keep the music fresh
Don’t make your ears suffer stale old music you’ve had on shuffle for months or that terrible music that the gym blasts out. Create a big, varied and high-energy playlist of your favourite tracks and change it often.

TIP 4: Buddy up
Having a friend to work out with makes you more likely to stick to your fitness plan. Invite friends, family and co-workers to join your classes; work out with your partner. Schedule the workouts like any other important activity and encourage each other to stick to it! And if you’re new to Doha, joining a fitness class is a great way to meet new people and make fitness friends.

TIP 5: Log your workouts
Record what you did in each session, how long for and how you felt afterwards. You’ll monitor your progress and have a visual reminder that it’s time to get moving!

Tip 6: Reward yourself
Pat yourself on the back from time to time. Think about what motivates you and have something fun to look forward to after you reach your targets, like a night out or a lesson in a new sport (how about a golf or sailing lesson)? However, please don’t reach for the super-sized chocolate bar to reward yourself – avoid edible rewards – especially if weight loss is your goal.

TIP 7: Dress the part
Treat yourself to a new piece of fitness fashion. You’ll look good in them and perform best when you’re comfortable and feeling great.

TIP 8: Don’t beat yourself up!
Instead of scrutinising yourself, be patient and stay positive. If you have a set-back or lose track, don’t get stressed, feel guilty or give-up – have a short rest and then get back on it as soon as you can. Remember: physical activity is for life; focus on how good you’ll feel when you’re done! Stick with it, enjoy it and never, never give-up!

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By Ali Longmate
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Posted by: ASHNA BASHEER on 07 Apr ' 15 at 09:10

im very interested in sports and games..especially for ball batminton

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