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Mindsports World Championships 2017 is happening in Qatar this month, and we are already planning our checkmate-in-four-moves strategy

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Bounce in Doha

High-energy trampoline warehouse brings free-jumping to Doha

10 things that happen when you join a gym

Running backwards, bad thrusting, skin tight clothes and no regrets

Doha Regatta Sailing Academy

Master the waves with the excellent Regatta Sailing Academy in Doha

Mixed martial arts in the Middle East

Mixed Martial Arts just got a massive boost worldwide

Indoor fitness in Doha

Indoor high-intensity workout classes in Doha, Qatar

Brazilian athletes in Doha

Brazil’s most promising athletes have been training at Apire Academy

Personal trainers in Doha

Get the best workout of your life from the comfort of your own home

Ramadan health tips

Stay in shape this Ramadan with these health and fitness tips

Fencing in Doha

Try the Olympic sport of fencing in Doha

Muay Thai in Doha

Instructor Caitalin Abubaker-May on why you should try Muay Thai

5 weightlifting myths dispelled

Ali Longmate explains why you should try heavy lifting in your fitness regime

Quit your job, become a… sailing instructor

Simon Kearns, 30. Regatta Sailing Academy’s instructor on life lived out on the water

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