Time Out Doha - Latest featuresTime Out Doha home pagehttp://www.timeoutdoha.com/www.timeoutdoha.comTimeOutDoha.comEdgar Wright and the cast of Baby Driver interview   We talks to director Edgar Wright and the cast of Baby Driver, the year’s coolest film, about robbing banks and driving carsTue, 11 Jul 2017 09:19:33 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/77921-edgar-wright-and-the-cast-of-baby-driver-interviewBaby Driver   We talk to director Edgar Wright and the cast of Baby Driver, the year’s coolest film, about robbing banks, driving cars and the importance of original moviesTue, 27 Jun 2017 12:24:50 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/77684-baby-driverSummer: The second wave    AKA the 15 movies to see you through the rest of this seasonTue, 27 Jun 2017 12:06:55 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/77680-summer:-the-second-wave10 things cinema fans will know   Talking, spoilers, 3D and premium quality streetsSun, 28 May 2017 07:15:14 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/77267-10-things-cinema-fans-will-knowBrian Cox Winston Churchill interview   The great Brian Cox talks playing the great Winston ChurchillSun, 28 May 2017 06:35:41 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/77261-brian-cox-winston-churchill-interviewTom Cruise in The Mummy   Why Tom Cruise’s monster reboot is one of summer’s hottest ticketsWed, 26 Apr 2017 11:37:19 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/76619-tom-cruise-in-the-mummyBen Wheatley on Free Fire    British director Ben Wheatley’s new movie Free Fire is set to be a huge hitTue, 25 Apr 2017 06:32:39 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/76582-ben-wheatley-on-free-fireIron Fist on Netflix Middle East    Marvel’s new Netflix show Iron Fist bursts onto the small screen this monthTue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/76090-iron-fist-on-netflix-middle-eastBeauty and the Beast 2017 remake    Her out of Harry Potter and him out of Downtown Abbey reinvent Beauty and the BeastSun, 26 Feb 2017 08:30:07 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75817-beauty-and-the-beast-2017-remakeDrew Barrymore on Santa Clarita Diet   Zombie horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet is about celebrating your inner freak says Drew BarrymoreTue, 14 Feb 2017 06:34:11 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75732-drew-barrymore-on-santa-clarita-dietWill Arnett Lego Batman interview   How Will Arnett built the character LEGO Batman: The Dark KnightMon, 06 Feb 2017 12:42:52 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75644-will-arnett-lego-batman-interviewThe end of Wolverine?    Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, in Logan, will be his greatest yetSun, 29 Jan 2017 09:10:43 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75514-the-end-of-wolverine2017 Oscar nominations revealed   Academy Awards will take place on February 26 2017Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:00:24 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75487-2017-oscar-nominations-revealedStar Wars The Last Jedi details revealed   Forthcoming Star Wars film now has a title and posterTue, 24 Jan 2017 12:57:25 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75486-star-wars-the-last-jedi-details-revealedMassive movies in 2017    22 massive movies we can’t wait to see in 2017Tue, 24 Jan 2017 12:36:52 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/gallery/75485-massive-movies-in-2017Oscars 2017 preview   A closer look at the stars staking a claim for Oscars gloryTue, 17 Jan 2017 05:29:26 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/75411-oscars-2017-preview2017 movie preview    25 massive movies we can’t wait to see in 2017Tue, 27 Dec 2016 06:17:20 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74942-2017-movie-previewUnder The Shadow on Netflix    How a horror movie by a first-time director made it all the way to the Oscar raceMon, 19 Dec 2016 11:28:33 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74846-under-the-shadow-on-netflixSir Anthony Hopkins Westworld interview   Sir Anthony Hopkins on Westworld, Hannibal Lecter and scaring viewersSun, 27 Nov 2016 13:17:34 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74582-sir-anthony-hopkins-westworld-interviewThe Force Reawakens   Has there ever been a better time to be a Star Wars fan asks Mark DinningSun, 27 Nov 2016 09:49:49 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74570-the-force-reawakensAnna Kendrick Trolls interview   Anna Kendrick on gender stereotyping in new animation TrollsSun, 30 Oct 2016 13:35:33 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74216-anna-kendrick-trolls-interviewThe rise and rise of Eddie Redmayne    The Oscar-winning actor talks to Time Out about fame, Fast and Furious films and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemSun, 30 Oct 2016 11:22:53 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/74199-the-rise-and-rise-of-eddie-redmayneM.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story   Indian cricket star M.S. Dhoni is excited about the release of his biopicSun, 25 Sep 2016 13:33:02 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/73625-m.s.-dhoni:-the-untold-storyCinematic symphony in Doha    Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and Doha Film Institute team upMon, 29 Aug 2016 11:05:57 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/73102-cinematic-symphony-in-dohaSwiss Army Man Daniel Radcliffe interview   Daniel Radcliffe talks new projects, Paul Dano and flatulenceMon, 29 Aug 2016 07:55:33 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/films/features/73092-swiss-army-man-daniel-radcliffe-interview