Time Out Doha - HighlightsTime Out Doha home pagehttp://www.timeoutdoha.com/www.timeoutdoha.comTimeOutDoha.comHolding on to heritage   Art 29 exhibits Qatari artist Al-Mawlawi’s creations this monthTue, 27 Jun 2017 13:04:56 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/77691-holding-on-to-heritageComic book store in Doha    The city has a new comic book store at The Pearl-QatarSun, 28 May 2017 07:19:37 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/77268-comic-book-store-in-dohaMaking a connection   New art website Emergeast is delivering affordable beauty to the regionSun, 27 Nov 2016 06:12:41 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/74564-making-a-connectionTerracotta Army in Doha   China’s First Emperor’s Terracotta Army march into DohaMon, 29 Aug 2016 09:15:31 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/73098-terracotta-army-in-dohaMuhammed Ali tribute in Doha    Qatar Museums pays tribute to the life of a sporting legend, inspirational Muslim and human rights campaigner in Muhammed Ali: Tribute to a LegendThu, 28 Jul 2016 12:08:52 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/72550-muhammed-ali-tribute-in-dohaHome grown art in Doha    Why the world needs to start paying attention to Doha’s art sceneThu, 28 Jul 2016 07:01:16 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/72529-home-grown-art-in-dohaHow to write a book    Doha author Johanna Handley shares her tips for getting publishedThu, 30 Jun 2016 07:50:37 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/72005-how-to-write-a-bookArab art in Madrid    Art from the Arab World gains global recognition in MadridThu, 26 May 2016 07:45:15 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/71300-arab-art-in-madridQuit your job, become a… Tanoura dancer   Hammouda, 31, Spinning this Ramadan at Marriott Marquis City Centre DohaThu, 26 May 2016 06:48:12 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/71291-quit-your-job-become-a…-tanoura-dancerArt exhibition at Doha Fire Station   New exhibition touches on a subject we can all relate toSun, 01 May 2016 07:46:04 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/70840-art-exhibition-at-doha-fire-stationHassan Sharif art exhibition in Doha   Hassan Sharif’s abstract art is just as relevant now as it was 30 years agoWed, 30 Mar 2016 09:55:10 +0400http://www.timeoutdoha.com/art/features/70362-hassan-sharif-art-exhibition-in-doha