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Arabic, Khulaifat

Offering intensely authentic Iranian food, this place, located above Al Dana with beautiful balconies, is plush and decidedly Persian

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Armenian, West Bay

One of the city’s first Armenian restaurants, Mamig’s menu includes Armenian dishes as well as some Lebanese staples

Arabic, The Pearl-Qatar

Lebanese restaurants are scattered across Qatar, but none with the unique look and ambience of this eatery

Arabic, Nasr

A firm favourite, it might be slightly pricier than other cheap mezza spots, but it’s worth it

Khan Farouk Tarab Café
Cafés, West Bay

A firm favourite, it might be slightly pricier than other cheap mezza spots, but it’s worth it

Burj Al Hamam
Arabic, The Pearl-Qatar

There are dozens of cold and hot mezza to navigate through on the menu, as well as a selection of main courses at this luxuriously appointed restaurant

Al Shami Home Restaurant
Arabic, Nasr

Al Shami is an institution in Doha, whether you pick the original restaurant or the section venue near Decoration Roundabout

Al Saha
Arabic, Doha Al Jadeeda

There is a segment of our Lebanese friends that swears this is the spot if you want to pretend you’re in Beirut

Al Mourjan
Arabic, West Bay

Heralding itself loudly as ‘the best restaurant in Qatar’, it's good, but maybe not quite as blow-your-socks-off amazing as the hype

Al Khariss
Arabic, Jasra

One of most popular in Souq Waqif, the interior isn’t anything to write home about

Al Bandar
Arabic, Jasra

The surroundings are gorgeous and we love the opportunity to pick your own seafood from a market-style display in the heart of Souq Waqif

Yen Sushi Bar
Japanese, Bin Mahmoud

Set up just before the main restaurant in La Cigale, you can almost miss this circular bar

Sushi Minto
Japanese, Nasr

There are those in Doha who swear this is the be all and end all of sushi spots

Japanese, Rawdat Al Khail

Expect dinner and a fantastic flaming show – they set things on fire here. We repeat: they set your dinner on fire

Japanese, Nasr

Not the most traditionally ‘Japanese’, we love it all the same

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