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South East Asian, West Bay

Brand new, this restaurant is like nothing else at the Four Seasons

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Jasmine Thai
South East Asian, Jasra

Peking duck and Hong Kong Chinese favourites meet amazing Thai dishes

South East Asian, West Bay Lagoon

Delicious food, a gorgeous atmosphere, and a lady whose sole job is to wander around with a basket full of rice

Pier 12
Seafood, Rawdat Al Khail

Pier 12 serves delightful, fresh seafood in an uncomplicated and unpretentious way, and in relaxed surroundings

Mediterranean, Nasr

Decked out with casual flair, here diners pick their seafood from the market display and have it prepared to order

Seafood, West Bay

Sold by weight, this is a pick-your-own-adventure of a seafood spot, and we love it

Fish Market
Seafood, West Bay

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring

Al Sayyad
Arabic, West Bay Lagoon

The Diplomatic Club’s seafood offering may be one of the best-kept secrets in Doha

Zaatar W Zeit
Arabic, Jasra

One of our favourite spots for a quick bite, weekend breakfast or evening meal

Wafi Gourmet
Arabic, Umm Lekhba

Tucked into Landmark Mall, you get to the dining room by walking through the vast deli selections

Turkey Central
Arabic, Mirqab

This is the place if you want to order by pointing

Arabic, Sadd

The decor at Tangia does its best to help transport diners to Morocco – think dimly-lit lamps and colourful knick-knacks including silver-spouted teapots

Moroccan, Jasra

If you are going to name yourself after Morocco’s national dish, it’s best you make a decent fist of it

Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge
Arabic, West Bay

Offering up Turkish favourites from the admittedly small menu, this restaurant is beautiful, inside and out

Sabah W Masa
Arabic, Asiri

Open when most other cafés and restaurants are taking a siesta, this Salwa Road eatery is perennially packed

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