A restaurant with lots of Qatari and Khaleeji-fusion dishes Discuss this article

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Smat opens up into a massive dining room with a multitude of slightly mismatched but still beautiful design elements. The area is spacious with a high ceiling and lots of distance between tables. In a sort of contemporary meets traditional composition, the sofas are conventionally upholstered while the ceiling work and lighting are more modern. It’s quite a bit to take in at first, but we convince our minds to shift focus to the very interesting menu.

You’ll find a selection of Qatari and Middle Eastern dishes with international influences and the staff do a good job in recommending the right starters. We start with braq hummus, which is regular hummus flavoured with grape leaves. The flavours are rather interesting with some sweetness from the prunes and a slight bitterness that works really well from the grape leaves. Shrimp lahoob, the other appetiser, is Smat’s take on tempura with a Qatari twist (an incredibly spicy twist). It’s coated with traditional maabouj paste – a really spicy chilli garlic paste (you’ve been warned). It’s excellent. For mains, the ghamanda smat looks very colourful and we’re down for a rainbow dinner. Kebab pie is stuffed with layers of bulgur wheat, spicy tomatoes and béchamel sauce. Two lamb kebabs are lined on top of a layer of a thin baked bread, drizzled with saffron and pesto sauce. It’s a bit too salty for us, but the dish is brilliant. The taste is spot on, the portion is massive and it’s an overall hit. We are definitely coming back to try more.

A restaurant with lots of Qatari and Khaleeji-fusion dishes

There’s possibly no better way to introduce Qatari food to someone who hasn’t tried it

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  • Location: Doha, Doha
  • Tel: 4410 6666
  • Travel: Corniche Road, Al Salata

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