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You’d be surprised at how good some of the restaurants in the almost isolated Tawar Mall are. Sizzle doesn’t really let on how interesting its menu is thanks to its rather generic name.

The décor is a bit random with bar-type leather couches on the sides and dainty Japanese-style seating in the middle. Brick walls enclose the space and incandescent bulbs hang from the ceiling.

Aubergine baked with chicken ragout and cheddar cheese is an excellent choice to start with. The labneh on top is a wonderful surprise and works really well, even though the aubergine is still slightly raw on the sides. We could easily have three portions of this (only because it’s that good). We try the grip buns (which are bright red in colour) stuffed with creamy lobster chunks and chives – a topper. The fizzy rock, which we order next, is a towering, oil-dribbled, slightly warm pile of everything that goes against your keto diet.

Batter-fried prawns are hidden under multi-coloured potato crisps. Dollops of dynamite sauce are generously slathered on. The mains are all dominated by Italian-fusion dishes. Biryani risotto it is. We never imagined perfectly cooked risotto drowning in a rich, mildly spicy, aromatic and creamy gravy could be this indulgent. The chunk of beef is marinated with cola, adding a much-needed sweet stab in all this savouriness. This is a brave dish indeed and completely worth the risk. It’s excellent, to say the least.

An American-Italian diner with lots of fusion dishes

The menu and excellent quality of food will surprise you

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  • Location: Doha, Doha
  • Tel: 4471 0160
  • Travel: Tawar Mall
  • Cuisine: American, Italian
  • Times: Open Sat-Wed 12.30pm-midnight; Thu-Fri 12.30pm-1am

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