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The welcoming party is a cascade of irresistible edibles. The bounty begins well before we even enter the restaurant. A small mountain of breads, breakfast pastries and cheeses call out, but their sounds are muffled to me by the foie gras counter further along. The opposite stand teems with cakes, tarts and sweets. It’s just past noon and we haven’t even had a wake-up coffee yet, but desserts are so prettily displayed that two macarons embellished with chocolate are immediately swiped to lip smacking delight.

By Doha standards, Market by Jean-Georges doesn’t have much room, which makes me wonder how the restaurant manages to put up a brunch spread to rival the competition. As we discover, it compensates for this lack of space with a little interior design dexterity. A portion of the hotel lobby is co-opted, the entire length of the bar is used for service and even the kitchen is transformed into a walk-in space for a la minute cuisine.

Few seem to know the latter, however. We overhear a diner at a nearby table saying she hadn’t noticed until too late that there is more food towards the back. Indeed, there isn’t much signposting or traffic to guide you to this station, but what a shame it is to miss, with its staples such as eggs, steak, design-your-own pasta and the weekend favourites of pancakes and waffles.

There are just so many options; so much so that out of curiosity we try to take stock of the food on tap. By the time we retrace our steps and factor in salads, roasts, condiments and dinky tubes of colourful vegetable shooters, we’re well over 200 varieties. We eventually give up – there’s too much counting, too little eating. So we dig in.

The cold seafood bar with lobster, sushi and ceviche can’t be missed. The properly cleaned raw oysters are fresh, tasting great either with a squeeze of lemon or the myriad sauces and chasers. This is also the perfect time to try some of the bestsellers from the regular menu such as the parmesan crusted chicken, slowly cooked salmon, and tomato soup.

Adhering to a time-tested formula, Market operates on the premise that guests go for the food and stay for the music. This is a jazz brunch, after all, and with Doha Jazz providing tunes ala George Gershwin and Cole Porter, it’s impossible to not just sit back and soak in the tunes while nursing a bowl of luscious banana caramel ice cream.

It is only after we get up to leave that we realise the afternoon has slipped away. Without sunlight or windows to the outside world, the hours roll into each other and we’ve effortlessly spent a day lounging and indulging in a room full of delicious distractions.

The bill (for two)
2 x weekend brunch(soft drinks package) QR290
Total QR580

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  • Location: W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay, Doha
  • Tel: 4453 5135
  • Travel: Diplomatic Street
  • Website

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Posted by: Sonbol on 07 Jan ' 11 at 15:56

I'm a very regular there, food is better dinner time, but when the lebanese manager is there service and things go much better

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