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A burger joint with a social conscience hits the Pearl Discuss this article

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A burger joint with a social conscience hits the Pearl. But are we eating it up?

So, the entire time I was eating at Elevation burger, I had Elevation by U2 in my head. This may have helped with the general cool and quirky vibe I got from the place – because I love U2, and somehow I feel all edgy and safely rebellious when humming their tunes.

Elevation Burger sets itself apart by marketing itself as an ethical spot offering up hormone free, organic burgers. Okay then. The thing is – I’m not sure how legit this is and how much is just hipster green washing, and frankly, in Qatar… I don’t care. But this trend towards higher quality meat is a good thing and I’ll support it. Make it tasty and I’m even happier.

It’s set up like a classy fast food place: you order at the counter and they give you a little buzzer to tell you when your order is up. But there are no creepy clowns at this place – you can sit outside which is highly recommended if people watching is on the menu – and the offerings are decidedly lusher. We go for the Elevation burger topped with their special sauce, and a cheeseburger, plus two orders of fancy fries and two of their signature rootbeers. Rootbeer in a bottle is awesome. So are the fries – at this point my commitment to melted, neon orange cheese that’s mostly made of plastic is well documented. We’re a bit confused though how they can pair such a condiment, clearly not found anywhere in nature, with their commitment to organic, real food. Whatever. Melted cheese fries. The burgers are pretty good too, but be warned: they’re small. They’re not the size of burgers you’re looking for, which is great if you’re doing portion control but if you’re hungry you might want to double up on the patties. It’s a little greasy but overall really tasty and a much better burger than anything from under those golden arches.

So what’s the verdict? Tasty cow that gives a happy little I-did-the-world-some-good-with-my-choices zing? Excellent. Now, if only they had a place to recycle the rootbeer bottles.

The bill (for two)
1x Elevation burger QR36
1x Cheeseburger QR25
2x Fancy fries QR42
2x Rootbeer QR20
Total QR123

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  • Location: The Pearl-Qatar, Doha
  • Tel: 4002 7256
  • Travel: Parcel 2, unit 57
  • Website

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