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New York, New York, it’s a heck of a town. . . but how’s the food?

I’m throwing templates to the wind here and diving right in with the best and most important part of this entire meal: the dessert.

Bear with me for a moment while I describe The Best Dessert I Have Ever Had (then we’ll move on to the meat and stuff, I promise). The chocolate coolant is an oozing mass of rich, 80 percent cocoa lava cake, puddling across the plate all ‘behold my chocolatey goodness. You never knew cake could be this good. And now I’ve ruined you for all other cakes, muhahaha’. Yes, this cake laughs at you like a super villain. It has earned this right, as all that rich chocolate goodness collides with homemade caramel sauce and crunchy caramel popcorn, with more sauce presented in an itsy bitsy pain tube because of course something this delicious also has to be adorable.

And then: the sweet, salty bite of peanut butter ice cream. The cool creamy topping on your fork that just pushes this right over the edge, with you gleefully plummeting after it, calories be damned.

Okay yes, I’ve thought about this dessert way too much. But it’s so good! It’s the first thing I find myself mentioning when friends bring up New York Steakhouse. And by ‘mentioning’ I mean breathless shrieking across the room.

Judging by the only-audible-to-dogs noises this dessert will illicit in me, it’s basically The Beatles and Justin Bieber all rolled into one. But don’t let my obsession with this particular dessert make you think New York is a one trick pony: far from it. The night we go, we don’t plunge directly to the dessert menu. We pass go and collect two starters – the king crab cake and the Caesar salad. The salad is dressed wonderfully with parmesan crunchies. They even offer me the anchovies on the side, because as much as I love them, those little fishes pack a punch. My friends crab cake is thick and meaty, with fresh crab perfectly seasoned. But we’re not here for starters (we’re here for dessert, keep up). And before we get there, the teachings of our mothers demand that we eat a Proper Meal. And so, onwards to steak.

My friend goes for the wagyu fillet and I opt for the kobe fillet. My friends arrives a trifle closer to pink than she would have liked – the middle is decidedly rare, when she’d ordered medium. Still, this may be more her problem than the chefs: after having this discussion at several restaurants, I’m going to start insisting she just order things medium well, as that’s more likely to get the blushing middle she desires. Mine is cooked perfectly. Both are seasoned nicely, but are just a tiny bit bland – topped with the sauce you hardly notice, but just that little bit more would really oomph up the wow factor of this meat. And we should be wowed: our server brings around a tray as we’re ordering, with samples of all their cuts including the massive Tomahawk steak. She’s got a rehearsed spiel about each one, and it is sort of neat to actually be able to see what we’re getting before we order – suddenly all that stuff about marbling makes a lot more sense, and I can understand why my cut, which has more fat throughout, might be a bit more flavourful than my friends, which keeps the fat on the outside.

On the side we go for the chipotle mashed potatoes. This is where they’ve been hiding the flavour: these are spicy and pungent. We also get the asparagus and the sautéed mushrooms, simple and plain and a nice counterpoint to all that flavour the potatoes are packing, and the onion rings. Oh tower of onion rings, you do not disappoint. I’m looking for Rapunzel when they bring it to the table, a stack of thick cut onions dunked in batter and fried, served with homemade barbecue sauce. They’re thick and crunchy, and just what an onion ring is meant to be. Being so thick means that yes, I am whapped in the chin repeatedly by stray onion tails as I nosh but that minor indignity is totally worth it.

And then, at last: desserts. I get my afore-obsessed-about chocolate coolant, and my friend tries the peanut mousse. While the chocolate coolant encourages frankly embarrassingly graphic groans of delight and inspires fork fights that get a little violent over the last bite, the peanut butter mousse is just sort of meh. Maybe it’s just in comparison to the wonder that is that chocolate cake: if we’d had the mousse on its own maybe we’d be more blown away. It’s creamy and rich, peanut buttery and yet light, but it’s just missing that punch, that perfectly blended melding of ingredients. Like the chocolate coolant of course. So what have we learned? Life is short: eat dessert first.

The Bill (for two)
1x King crab cake QR90
1x Caesar salad QR60
1x Wagyu fillet QR390
1x Kobe fillet QR470
1x Chipotle mash QR25
1x Asparagus QR25
1x Onion rings Qr25
1x Sautéed mushrooms QR25
1x Water QR15
3x Pepsi QR45
2x Peanut mousse QR65
1x Chocolate coolant QR60
1x Americano QR20
Total QR1,315

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  • Location: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay, Doha
  • Tel: 4419 6100
  • Travel: Al Wahda Street
  • Website

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Posted by: ilovesteak on 07 Nov ' 12 at 23:50

Good thing i found this page,i happened to dine in newyorksteakhouse two weeks ago the food was to be fair okk,ok but the service was terrible was served by two waiters though friendly had no clue of what they were serving they are short of their product knowledge unless they were new...otherwise we might comeback again

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