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First, a confession: I love fake cheese. Melted, pooling, oozing, electric orange in all its neon glory, I adore it. Which is good because this is pub grub that involves oodles of things not found in nature. The bar is surprisingly bright and roomy, maybe because it’s still so new there hasn’t been time to muck it up yet. Give it time though because the night we went it was absolutely jammed. With their new monthly pub quiz and other events each month, it’s fast becoming a popular spot and we can see why.

There is bar seating but there are also restaurant style tables and two rows of comfy booths, making this almost more a restaurant than a bar. That is, if you like your restaurants with massive screens playing every sport imaginable lining the walls. The menu is good sized with lots of items, including burgers, fish and chips and other pub standard fare.

We go for the chicken nachos and the dragon wings (not just so we can feel super manly in this super manly bar: after all, only the lame eat chicken wings. We munch on mythical beasts). Then, because we’re thinking we need some vegetables, we try the chicken Caesar salad and the fully loaded cheese fries (potatoes are a vegetable. Don’t judge us).

The chicken nachos are super spicy and decent. The chips are a little soggy and we wish they were a big bigger, the better to scoop up the toppings, but otherwise decent enough. The dragon wings are another story—spicy little mounds of chicken excellence coated in Asian spices and a sticky sweet sauce, they’re definitely worth it. The portion is huge as well, and we’re sad to see that some dragons may have lost their wings in vain, as we can’t finish the plate. The Caesar salad is creamy and fresh, with a hearty portion of chicken on the top—a meal in itself and it’s nice to know it’s not all deep fried here. But just as we’re feeling a bit content with ourselves food wise, we’re presented with the cheese fries. First, these are not your average fries: these are waffle cut, coated in bright orange cheese, onions and turkey bacon. And I did a full face plant in them. I was basically Cookie Monster’s fry eating cousin. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Service is a bit slow, but that might be because it’s so crowded. But that’s alright: there are bowls of specially seasoned popcorn to keep us company. Overall a solid bet if you want a night out and dinner too!

The bill (for two)

2x Diet pepsi QR30
1x Chicken Caesar salad QR50
1x Cheese fries QR35
1x Chicken nachos QR55
1x Dragon wings QR60
Total QR230

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  • Location: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay, Doha
  • Tel: 4419 6100
  • Travel: Al Wahda Road

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