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Do not be fooled by the sand between your toes and the sea mere steps from your table. What lies at the Four Seasons every Wednesday is a massacre. A rather tasty massacre. Each diner is equipped with a wooden coin, one side red, the other green. You flip it to green to bring on the meat, and back to red when you just need a second to breathe without a lamb chop in your mouth.

So if you’re vegetarian, this may be one you want to skip: this is like a carnivorous Noah’s Ark parading onto our plates. I shall eat two of every animal and I shall name them delicious. We have plenty of room for the barbecue: they offer a starter buffet, and we’ve got mixed feelings about it. Homemade taco chips? Yes. Guacamole where the avocado hasn’t been, you know, mashed or guacamoled? No. It’s a selection of cold salads and it’s nice enough. . . we guess. The Four Seasons just has such a high bar, we were hoping they’d do better. The exception is the seafood soup—this is a revelation with a soup spoon. Clear broth that’s salty and amazing and delicious and now we’re drooling and we haven’t even gotten to the part about the chunks of fish and veg in the soup.

But let’s be honest: no one goes to the Brazilian barbecue for the soup. It’s all about the meat. They’ve got 15 different kind of barbecued animal ready to give us the meat sweats, and even though only about 10 of those actually made it to our table (we’re wondering if the duck flew away), it was still enough to give us a happy little protein high. The items range from turkey sausage and chicken breasts to beef tenderloin and steak. A lot of it is just ‘meh’. Not bad, but not enough to make my mouth cha cha (the exception being their short ribs, which are great, if a little fatty).

And then: the quail appears. Like a tiny little chicken, we pretend we’re giants as we nosh. His itty bitty wings are ever so delectable. Look at me balancing two of them in my mighty paws. I may have gotten a little Elizabethan, demanding a wench bring me another quail, before I calmed down (I blame the meat overdose).

Our server warns us that we’ll know we’re half way through when the grilled pineapple arrives—as if we came to barbecue on the beach to pace ourselves. Still, hot pineapple: who knew you were so awesome? Why did you never tell us this? I thought we were friends pineapple. I don’t even know who you are anymore. We have to chase the server to bring us the last few items, and ask four times before we get those short ribs. Don’t make us beg for your ribs: just hand us yet another course of meat and don’t judge us.

If you go, don’t fill up on the meat though (I know, it’s hard). Because at the end, here’s what the Four Seasons is really good at: the desserts. There’s a chocolate mousse studded with sesame seeds served in a cute little jam jar that will make you swear off non-moussed chocolate forever.

Overall, this isn’t bad. It’s an experience, the view is great, and there are some solidly tasty dishes on offer. But for the price, we wish every round of meat could have been as fun as the quail (dance my tiny midget chicken, dance!).
Available Wednesday 7pm-10.30pm, weather permitting.

The bill (for two)
2x churrasco
1x Water QR35
Total (including taxes) QR685

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  • Location: Four Seasons Hotel Doha, West Bay, Doha
  • Tel: 4494 8888
  • Travel: Diplomatic Street
  • Website

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