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I’m torn about these bagels. See, the bagels themselves are pretty much excellent: fresh, squishy, large enough to satisfy my carb cravings without being so big I start to feel like they should be served in a trough. It’s the fillings I take issue with. This coffee shop-turned-lunch-spot has a vast menu of options, all involving bagels. Sandwiches, pizzas, bagels on their own… it’s all there.

I should really sometimes remember that less is more. The bagels themselves are excellent. Top one with cream cheese and I’m a happy camper. But I’m being lured in by the promise of their potato salad, which is served as a side dish with their sandwiches (they won’t sell you some on its own. I checked). This potato salad is not to be trifled with. This potato salad lurks in the back, calling out to me ‘eat me. Put my delicious potato goodness in your mouth. I’m potatoes and mayonnaise and will go straight to your thighs where I will live for eternity but I am so worth it so put me in your mouth this instant!’ Resistance is futile. The potato salad is the Borg.

So I go. And I order a sandwich. And every time, I sort of wish I hadn’t. The bagel part is nice. We’ve already discussed the potato salad. The sandwich part is… on the edge. This time around I got beef ham with cheese and a Dijon mayonnaise. Simple right? And they were so close! The cheese is good. The mayonnaise is good. We’ve already established that the bagel part is excellent. It’s the meat – there’s just too much of it. It spills over the side and all the fresh tomato in the world can’t make the meat-to-bread ratio correct. I end up peeling bits off. At the end my plate looks like a massacre (why? WHY? It was so young). I’ve been before and similar almost-but-not-quite shenanigans ensued (oh sundried tomato and cream cheese… why are you so very salty? I’m worried about your cholesterol). Still, there’s always that potato salad. Please, please, may I order a bucket of it, to consume in a dark corner of shame (i.e. my kitchen at home where no one can see me?)

So what would be the perfect meal at Bread & Bagels? Potato salad. Everything bagel. And cheesecake. Oh, their cheesecake: baked, sugary graham cracker crust, simple perfection. No one’s mucked it up with too much misplaced enthusiasm. Eat it. Eat it now.

The bill (for one)
1x Beef ham with cheese QR29
1x Cheesecake QR18
1x Bottled water QR4
Total (including taxes) QR51

By Time Out Doha staff
Time Out Doha,

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  • Location: Onaiza, Doha
  • Tel: 4411 0041
  • Travel: Beach Tower
  • Website
  • Cuisine: Cafés
  • Times: Open Sat-Thu 7am-10pm; Fri 9am-10pm
  • Price: QR50-200

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