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This is actually the third time we’ve tried to eat here; both times prior we hadn’t booked in advance and were turned away for lack of a table. This time, we book early. We can see into part of the show kitchen, but then again we can also clearly see and hear the people next to us. Decorated with the usual massive leather armchairs that steakhouses seem to prefer, as well as long banquette seating, the room feels a bit overstuffed; like more tables were added at the last minute. Which we totally get, as it’s been packed since it opened. But even though we’re dining early, and so there’s really only two or three other parties in the restaurant, we still get seated within touching distance of the people at the next table. Now, I grew up on Mr Rogers, so I know you’re meant to make nice with your neighbours, but I don’t necessarily want to join their conversation.

Never the less, the menu still has us distracted (and also gives us something to build a sort of barrier wall between us and the ravenous hordes just across our table’s borders). It’s fairly extensive, and from the descriptions alone, this is going to be one of those meals where we basically roll our way home on our overstuffed bellies. It’s a mix of old school classic dishes and more ‘fancy’ sounding options. My friend decides to taunt my inability to eat shellfish without getting itchy and orders the shrimp cocktail. I opt for the seared foie gras. When they arrive, her shrimp look like they’re ready to parade into battle against neighbouring diners on our behalf: they’re lined up like a fishy can-can line. My foie gras is equally theatrical, studded with slices of fruit. Once I bite into it though, I decide it’d better be used as a missile than food. Foie gras is meant to be creamy and fatty and rich, and this hits a couple of those . . . mostly fatty. It basically feels like I’m gnawing on pureed fat. The flavour is good, but it’s over-powered by the greasy texture and taste. Paired with the bits of fruit it’s not bad, but nor is it good. It goes down easy but mainly because it’s so slick I doubt I could stop it sliding down my throat if I tried. My friend’s shrimp is a lot better, though: fresh and meaty and in a very generous portion for the price – it’s excellent and fresh.

But we’re not here to talk starters: steakhouses are all about the meat, and if you’re me, the sides. They’ve got steaks from the US and Australia, both Black Angus and Wagu. After asking my waiter for a recom-mendation, I go for the US strip as this is the one he approved of if I wanted it medium-well. My friend goes for the US fillet. But, despite my cow-adjacent upbringing, I’m mostly here for the side dishes. Steakhouses often do the most marvellous things with potatoes, and we’re ready to give that a whirl: we go for the wedges, the steak fries, and the onion rings.

When they arrive, it’s an absolutely astounding mound of food. Both steaks are large, and they present us with a box to pick which steak knife we want to use. Classy, very classy. When we cut into them, the meat is tender and they managed to nail our done-ness requests.

Except . . . about half way down the length of my steak it begins to taste like grill. Burnt grill. Like it had been seared just a bit too much. While it was still pink and tender, all I could taste was charcoal: like they hadn’t cleaned their grill quite enough, and now I was tasting the fossilized remains of burnt meat on the outside of my steak. It’s a shame, as I was really enjoying it, and was loathe to leave that last chunk on the plate. My friend was quite happy with hers, but she ordered it closer to rare than I did, so she missed out on the charcoal briquette flavour fest. It’s slightly more done than she’d prefer, but still
a great cut of meat.

The sides don’t disappoint though and I’m happily scoffing them back while she finishes her steak. The steak fries are crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, and the wedges are unfussy slabs of potato spiced ever so lightly – divine. What I’d come back here for on their own, however, is the tower of onion rings. It literally is a tower, and they’re not skimping on any part of them: the onion is thick, the batter is too, and it’s all so dense and delicious the onion doesn’t even attempt to escape its battery ring when we bite into it. Served with barbecue sauce, you don’t even need a dipping sauce to appreciate these. While my friend finishes off her steak, I commandeer the rest.

Next up is dessert. We’re stuffed but that menu is luring us in: we decide to share one, and go for the chocolate coulant. Now, I may not want my shrimp to be whimsical, but I’m totally fine with my sweets having a sense of humour. The cake is served on a long plate, with a scoop of homemade peanut butter ice cream on one end, a line of caramel popcorn in the middle, and a little tube of caramel sauce made to look like a tube of paint. Best part: the cutesy presentation is not the end. This is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and I’ve had quite a few. The cake nails it, decadently rich (the menu says it’s 80 per cent cocoa), the outside crisp and sugary, the inside a molten chocolate ooze. No slightly-dry sponge or bland-lukewarm dribble for this cake; other restaurants attempting a molten chocolate anything need to eat this and realize how they’ve failed. The ice cream too is dead on perfect; it’s salty, it’s sweet, it basically tastes as if someone turned peanut butter cookie dough into an ice-cream and allowed us to lick the spoon.
So what have we learned? Come here for the onion rings. And dessert.

The bill (for two)
1x Seared foie gras
1x Shrimp cocktail QR95
1x US strip 250gr QR150
1x US Fillet 200gr QR190
1x Onion rings QR25
1x Potato wedge QR25
1x Steak fries QR25
1x Chocolate coulant QR60
1x Evian QR25
2x Pepsi QR30
Total (including charges) QR765

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  • Location: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay, Doha
  • Tel: 4419 6100
  • Travel: Al Wahda Street
  • Website

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Posted by: ilovesteak on 07 Nov ' 12 at 23:50

Good thing i found this page,i happened to dine in newyorksteakhouse two weeks ago the food was to be fair okk,ok but the service was terrible was served by two waiters though friendly had no clue of what they were serving they are short of their product knowledge unless they were new...otherwise we might comeback again

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