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Getting up to Three Sixty is trickier than you might imagine. Perched at the top of The Torch hotel (formerly the building known as Aspire Tower), there’s a special elevator to whisk you up, ears popping, to the very top.

The restaurant layout itself is unique: tables are lined up single file around the perimeter, strategically located to take full advantage of the glass wall and spectacular views. At first, you don’t notice it’s moving: our server says it takes about an hour and a half to do a full rotation. But once we sit down, we start to notice – the world outside is moving, but more importantly, our table is slowly swapping position. This is neat, as you’re never right next to the kitchen or far away from the pianist for long: everyone gets a turn, and so every table is ‘the best in the house’ at one point or another. But how will our waitress, clinging to the small, non-rotating walkway along the wall, find our table?

It turns out that our waitress is attentive, perhaps too much so, popping up every few minutes while we dawdle taking in the views. We bump into a group of our friends at a nearby table, and quickly combine our parties, and the restaurant easily accommodates a group of six without making me feel like I’m shouting down the table to speak with my friend at the end. The seating is oddly intimate, thanks to the curving walls and the single-file table arrangements: it’s nice for a large group of friends who don’t want to annoy strangers, but also suitable for an intimate experience for date night (the great views help spark the romance).

Once we order, the food comes quickly enough: maybe it’s the brisk winter weather outside, but my date and I both opt for the creamy tomato soup. It arrives and we think perhaps the waitress got a little lost finding us. It’s the wrong side of room temperature, but none the less, it’s creamy and a solid bowl of tomato soup: homey and good. One of my impromptu table mates however gets the appetiser of the night: the Caesar salad. At first, we chuckled: it’s presented as if the lettuce got caught in a bank robbery. The lettuce is wrapped up tight and tied around it’s middle. It looks like a sheaf of wheat, the dressing is in a cup, and the crouton is handcuffed with beef bacon. Once she disassembles her green hostage situation, however, it is one of the best Caesar salads I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve very glad my friend didn’t mind me sneaking a bite). It’s creamy and full of flavour. I’d come back just for this salad.

Onwards and upwards (or around around, perhaps?), and we’re on to mains. I go for the lamb chops, while my friend tries the lemon chicken. The chicken is stuffed with soft cheese and sundried tomatoes, and comes with a side of rice pilaf. The pilaf is deemed ‘meh’, but, after watching my date smack away in loud pleasure over the chicken, I have to steal a bite. It’s so good I make up words, declaring to the table that it’s ‘tendy’ (what we’ve now decided is that perfect mix of trendy and tender, and not just me losing the ability to talk). It’s got flavour and is more than your average bit of chicken, without being so fancy it’s intimidating. My lamb is equally yummy: rubbed with a Dijon crust and served with garlic mashed potatoes, they actually manage to nail my medium-well request perfectly. I forgive them for the mashed potatoes that are on the cold side, since they’re still tasty rubbed in the lamb sauce. It’s so good I easily finish it all, even though I know dessert is just around the corner and I really shouldn’t. This turns out to be a good thing: one of my impromptu tablemates asks for a doggy bag for the end of her meal, and is told she can’t. So be warned: take what you want, but eat what you take, as you won’t be bringing leftovers home from Three Sixty.

Stuffed with meaty goodness as I am, we still brave dessert. Double apple tart for me, and chocolate fudge cake for my friend, I think the waitress has gotten lost and is doing laps of the restaurant, as our order takes forever to arrive. When it does though, it was worth the wait.

Once again, it’s strangely presented; my tart is less tart like and more ‘ball of apple’ – a green golf ball, if you will. Once I slice and dice though it’s absolutely delicious, tasting exactly like the best apple pie your mother ever made. It’s also fairly light and fruity: this isn’t a heavy dessert, especially as it’s paired with a tart apple sorbet that’s an excellent palate cleanser. The chocolate fudge cake is not for the faint of heart: and a must for helpless chocoholics. It’s a slab of chewy, squishy, soft delight, if you order your brownies on the under-done side (I did). Alongside vanilla ice cream and topped with a sweet frosting, it’s a love hate thing: either you have a few bites and say it’s too rich to finish, or happily polish the whole thing off (again, I did).

All in all, Three Sixty should be stuck on the list of must-visit restaurants in Qatar. The food is solid and it’s accessible with an emphasis on having a little something for everyone instead of turning out the latest in food trends. And, of course, the views make this restaurant a must-see for visitors or anyone looking for a welcome reminder why they live in Doha.

The bill (for two)
1x Water
2x Tomato soup QR70
1x Dijon lamb QR140
1x Lemon chicken QR95
1x Double apple tart QR35
1x Fudge cake QR35
1x Latte QR28
1x Mango juice QR32
Total (including charges)

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  • Location: The Torch Doha, Muraikh, Doha
  • Tel: 4446 5600
  • Travel: Al Waab Street, Aspire Zone
  • Website

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