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Roger’s Diner immediately summons up images of sharing a milkshake with two straws with Betty and Veronica, while Jughead munches on burgers in the background. Almost always heaving, the place is packed when we head there to give it a whirl one Thursday evening.

With indoor and outdoor seating and a funky design paying homage to aviation themes (and making us worry about sitting too close to the wall decorated with a giant turbine), we slide into a booth and peruse the menu. It’s a lengthy peruse; the menu is huge, and surprisingly varied, with typical diner fair of tuna melts, hotdogs and hamburgers sharing space with Tex Mex and more formal steak and pasta dishes.

Before we even make it to the food however, we have to fulfill that Archie Comic fantasy and eat dessert first with one of their milkshakes. We go for the vanilla shake, a mound of thick vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce and a cherry, and we’re glad we did because then we’re in for a wait. Are we waiting for food? No, we’re waiting for the slightly-grumpy server to arrive and take our order. Eventually she slinks up and we go for the chili rellenos, basically chicken strips, and the chipotle ranch chicken wings. While getting the order in may have been slow, once the server lethargically takes it to the kitchen, the food arrives swiftly. The chicken tenders are a mound of strips with a tasty, cheesy dunking sauce, and more than enough for two people—it could easily serve as a main. The chicken wings are a surprise too, and easily fall into our ongoing hunt for Qatar’s best wings. They’re meaty and plentiful, but also zippily different: not drowning in barbecue sauce or spice, these are dunked in a slightly spicy ranch sauce, giving a nice change to the usual wings flavour. Best of all they come with extra sauce already on the side- no need to flag down the waitress for more sauce like we usually have to do. We enjoy places that anticipate our gluttony.

While we smack our way through our starters, we’re hopeful for the mains. Alas, these don’t stand up quite as well as the starters did. We’ve cleaned our plates, sucked the last drops of ultra thick milkshake through the straw, and made our way through one round of soft drinks before the mains arrive. I went for the black bean burger, something a little different from the usual fried, meat filled alternatives on the diner menu. Served with a thin layer of cheese and avocado, it’s vegetarian, it’s healthy, and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s surprisingly rich tasting, thick with a great meaty mouth feel, but it’s 100 per cent beans! Lightly spiced, if I’d skipped the fries on the side this would almost qualify as a healthy meal (also if I hadn’t polished off that milkshake first). I’m pleased and so engrossed in my tasty, bean filled treat that I barely notice my dining companion is picking at her steak. Deciding to try one of the fancier options on the menu, she ordered the filet mignion medium well. We should have known better than to order a filet mignion at a diner. It arrives medium well on the outside with dripping blood in the middle; watching her slice away at the edge bits of meat is like watching a butcher carve a perfect circle from a cow. It’s a shame, as the portion was generous for the price and our hopes had been raised. Now, normally, we’d send an undercooked steak back for another few minutes on the grill, but as our waitress is once against MIA, my friend shrugs her shoulders and I offer her a bite of my burger (grudgingly as it’s still pretty awesome).

A trip to an American diner wouldn’t be complete without dessert. We go for the peanut butter pie and the chocolate cake. These take forever to arrive, surprising considering desserts are usually easily plated. When they arrive though they look fantastic. The cake is spongy and fudgy and comes with a scoop of real ice cream on the side, rich and perfect. We’re torn on the peanut butter pie though; tart cheesecake has a peanut butter finish and a chocolate cookie crust that I really enjoy, but which my friend doesn’t like. Whether cheese and peanut butter should go together is debatable, but at least it’s an interesting option!
Will we be back? Probably: the prices are good, the portions are good, the atmosphere is good, and the food is generally pretty good too. We won’t be ordering the steak again though. And next time, we’re bringing flares to attract our waitress.

The bill (for two)
2x Pepsi
1x Chili rellenos QR36
1x Vanilla shake QR25
1x Chipotle Chicken wings QR38
1x Black bean burger QR34
1x Filet mignion QR96
1x Fudge cake QR32
1x Peanut butter pie QR28
Total (incl charges) QR309

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  • Location: Sadd, Doha
  • Tel: 4455 2333
  • Travel: C Ring Road

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User reviews:

Posted by: ladee on 03 Aug ' 13 at 09:18

the first time i visited Rogers i was impressed. The food was fantastic and i like the ambiance, not to mention the customer service that only proves their staff are well trained.
I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues to visit Rogers.


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