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Entering JW’s feels like buckling up in a DeLorean and hurtling back in time. With wood panels, dark cushy armchairs and heavy wood tables, it’s a trip back to 1973, complete with table-side service.

Opened about two years ago, it has become a staple of the meat-loving community in Doha. We’ve heard, from our vegetarian friends, no less, that the things they do with potatoes are so good that they should come with a warning sign to remind you not to eat too many – for our own good, of course. On the mid-week night that we turned up it’s packed, so clearly something is afoot.

After we settle into the large leather armchairs at our table, we’re presented with the slightly awkward menu – a large wooden board listing all of the offerings. We decide to go for the traditional onion soup and crab cakes to start. When they arrive, the soup is exactly as it should be: rich and oniony, topped with just enough bread and cheese to give it fun textural surprises, but not so much that you’re left with a soggy mess in the bottom of your bowl. The crab cakes were remarkably tasty and meaty, and we were sorry it came only one to the plate – next time we’re ordering two portions! Thick, lightly fried and coated in a lemony tartare sauce, it’s exactly what you want when you order crab cakes: an old-school union of bread and fish that’s never heard of Atkins.

Shored up by JW’s homemade herb bread (a brief pause to stand in awe of hot, warm bread served with herbed butter – this confection attempted to ruin our appetites with its homely goodness, and we were more than happy to succumb to its ways), we move on to mains. My dining companion, embracing her role, opts for the rib eye steak, after discussing her cow-preferences with the friendly waiter at length, to determine which will excite her the most. Just to be different, I add to our table-top menagerie by opting for lamb chops.

And then the magic happens. Sides are ordered individually and served family-style; we go for the garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and onion rings. When they turn up, we’re both distracted from our mains, eagerly reaching for a crunchy, golden ring. The potatoes are creamy spud perfection, the asparagus light and buttery, and we can’t even explain the onions rings without drool. Now we know why they serve the mains atop wooden trays with silver bull’s horns: their sides are so good, if they literally didn’t poke us, we might forget the mains entirely.

And I’m glad we didn’t – the meat is tender and juicy, so much so that they serve both mains with regular knives (no passing out tough meat saws here). With large, hearty portions, the meat is cooked just right. The lamb is seasoned delicately, with a salty outside to compliment its mild innards. The steak is exactly what a good steak is meant to be, and comes with a yummy peppercorn sauce that we gleefully dip our onion rings into. We’re glad we wore our stretchy bottoms as we mop up every bite, and then . . . comes our waitress bearing a tray of desserts. It’s a quirky old-school presentation that still works: confronted with a tray of sweets inches from our noses, we have no choice but to order the chocolate cake and New York cheesecake. Good thing we succumbed, as these are just unreal. The cheesecake is baked to creamy heaven, topped with unfussy strawberries. But the cake, oh the cake; it had our mouths tingling in embarrassing fashion. It melts onto our forks in ooey-gooey rich mounds. With a creamy black cherry-infused chocolate sauce on the side, just in case it wasn’t already rich enough, this dessert is so good it’s indecent.

All in all, JW’s is like a trip back to a classier era, where salads are made table-side, desserts are flambéed, and someone calls me toots.

The bill (for two)
1x large water
1x crab cake QR95
1x onion soup QR50
1x lamb chops QR195
1x USA rib-eye QR225
1x asparagus QR30
1x mashed potato QR30
1x onion ring QR30
1x chocolate layer cake QR45
1x NY cheesecake QR45
1x cappuccino QR21
1x Pepsi QR18
Total (incl charges) QR814

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  • Location: Doha Marriott, Khulaifat, Doha
  • Tel: 4429 8888
  • Travel: Al Mutawakil Street
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