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Tse Yang is named after part of Beijing’s famous Forbidden City, and has been designed to evoke the glamour of Chinese emperors. With sister restaurants already open in Paris, Geneva, Munich and New York, the Pearl-Qatar is the latest addition to a series that claims worldwide elegance, sophistication and authentic Chinese cuisine.

From the moment you enter Tse Yang, you are mesmerised. Guided through a corridor of mirrors illuminated with a red glow, you arrive at the impressive bar area en route to the main restaurant. Overlooking the Pearl, the bar is decked out in black leather, dimly lit and welcoming. Behind the bar are some jaw-dropping drinks cabinets stretching from floor to ceiling, only accessible by a large ladder. The whole scene is surreal, made more so by being bathed in a rosy tinge, courtesy of several sparkling pink chandeliers.

The restaurant itself is another visual experience entirely. Luxurious in its décor, its central feature is a large mirrored column topped with an amazing red chandelier constructed entirely of crimson tassels. Illuminated in this radiance, the black leather seating seems to almost glow. The restaurant is circular, with walls fronted by an unusual wrought iron mosaic design, and topping one wall is a large Chinese village scene in silhouette, depicting angry skies and rolling clouds; the overall concept and design is inspirational.

We perused the beautiful, silk-covered menus with expectations of a sumptuous dining experience. Set menus vary from QR300-500 and include a range of Chinese favourites, or alternatively diners can select from a menu littered with dishes guaranteed to intrigue your taste buds. There’s a superb selection of dim sum, including steamed shrimp dumplings, fluffy barbecue chicken buns and mini egg tartlets, or select the ubiquitous sweetcorn or crabmeat soup. Hot or cold appetisers feature such delicacies as barbecue-roasted duck or deep fried squid. After much deliberation, the honey roasted chicken and prettily named autumn and spring rolls were the order of the day.

Hot towels were offered as we waited for our dishes to arrive. A small appetiser, a delicate triangle of prawn toast, arrived with three dipping sauces. It was exceptional and piqued our appetites. Six spring rolls were then served with a sweet dipping sauce. They were crisp and exquisite; three containing a mixture of tasty vegetables and three meaty and flavourful. The sliced honey-roasted chicken was served with roasted peanuts, creating a delicious assortment of tastes and textures, all at once moist, sticky, sweet and crunchy, an absolute delight.

Given the kitchen’s obvious capabilities, we could not resist the Peking duck. Expensive at QR298, but definitely worth the investment, it was served as a whole duck, and carved before our eyes into delicate slices, releasing mouth-watering aromas and heightening every sense in anticipation of the imminent feast. Using only chopsticks, the waitress expertly dipped the crispy duck in sweet hoi sin sauce, wrapping it in pancakes filled with fresh sliced cucumber and spring onion. We felt quite decadent as we devoured each perfect little pancake while another materialised. They were addictive, the duck beautifully cooked, and the pancakes among the best we have ever tasted. The remainder of the duck can be either wok-fried with black pepper sauce or served with rice vermicelli. We decided to go with the pepper sauce, and the duck was spirited away to be transformed into another delightful dish.

In addition to the duck, we chose fried rice ‘Yang Zhau’ style, and crispy Cantonese noodles with beef and black bean sauce. However, there was a tempting seafood selection that included wok-fried mud crab and braised sliced abalone. For meat lovers, the wok-fried Black Angus beef in pepper and garlic sauce, or the roasted lamb rack in barbecue sauce, are begging to be sampled. If you are feeling daring, you could jump at the chance to order frogs’ legs fermented in black bean sauce.

A portion of each dish was served, and we tucked in with gusto. Even the accoutrements smack of sophistication and class here, the chopsticks heavy and silver-topped. Our duck, now under another guise, had unbelievably improved from the earlier dish, and was coated in a robust peppery sauce with sautéed peppers and onions. The rice was light and fluffy, packed with cubes of meat, prawns, fresh diced spring onion and delicately fried egg. Thoroughly addictive, the noodles were crispy round the edges of the platter and moist in the centre, soaked in heady black bean sauce and besieged with melt-in-the-mouth slices of tender beef.

Desserts are never a necessity when dining Chinese-style, but there’s a small selection available. We were recommended the black sesame ice cream in an almond tulipe. It was light and refreshing, unusually flavoured yet pleasant. The chocolate ice cream was rich and creamy, but actually not quite as tasty as the sensuous sesame.

Tse Yang works wonders with the wok. The fare is as sophisticated as it is satisfying, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. A truly exceptional dining experience featuring the most authentic Chinese cuisine, it’s a definite culinary force to be reckoned with.

The bill (for two)
1x spring rolls QR35
1x roasted chicken QR55
1x Peking duck QR298
1x rice yang zhau QR48
1x Cantonese noodles QR50
1x sesame ice cream QR30
1x chocolate ice cream QR30
2x Acqua Pana QR60
2x Coca-Cola QR40
Total (incl charges) QR646

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  • Location: The Pearl-Qatar, Doha
  • Tel: 5539 5025 ext. 2071
  • Travel: The Pearl, La Criosette 6
  • Website
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Times: Open daily noon-2.15pm, 9.30pm-10.45pm
  • Price: QR500+
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

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User reviews:

Posted by: Sheryl on 24 Jul ' 12 at 09:02

VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with the VERY SLOW service during Sohour. And to think that the restaurant just opened at 9pm and we arrived for our 9pm booking ON TIME. You couldn't even get the food served in our table at the same time from your "LIVE" cooking stations, while your promotion states it is EAT ALL YOU CAN! And to think that we pre-booked, so the restaurant/kitchen should've been prepared for us.

We were also told by 10pm (an hour into their opening) that their dimsum was already finished, while we were only served 2 rounds (4-5 types of dimsum but only 2 pcs each) and the restaurant barely had 40 people in it (incl kids)!! I finally had to complain to the management and after awhile LO and BEHOLD the Dimsums MAGICALLY appeared.

No consistency as well, as when the 1st BIG plate/portion of fried noodles was served came and when we asked for another serving, we were given a small plate/portion instead.

All of us ended up really hungry, between each course that was brought to us. It's as if we can eat all we can, but only what you bring to our table and WHEN you can bring it to our tables.

The restaurant atmosphere was okay, loved their bar area. Although the dimsum, fried noodles and peking duck were not bad, I wouldn't come back and will surely not recommend it to others again! Not much of a blogger or complainer but this write up just had to be done. I say this coming from the Hospitality and Customer Service industry myself. By far there is a WAY better Chinese restaurant, but sadly Tse Yang is NOT IT..

Not sure where the fault lies here (kitchen or staff), but there is NO excuse and expected more from this High Class International chain. NO ONE even apologized from the management! GOOD THING their service was Sohour and NOT Iftar. (Imagine if this was their service when you are a about to break your FAST!)

Posted by: Ali on 11 Sep ' 11 at 05:25

Easily the best Chinese in Doha. The service was impeccable (thank you Napoleon). For starters, we had the soup. It wasn't bad, wasn't great. At QAR50 a bowl (one person portion only), I had expected more. The char siu bao (BBQ chicken bun) was light and fluffy as it should be. The duck was awesome. Skin crispy, meat tender, not too far from the Beijing quan ju de. We chose the black pepper stir fried duck as the second dish. It was fab - duck was juicy, tender and tasty! Sweet and sour prawn and yang Zhou fried rice both authentic and suitable for the non Chinese palate. The HK crispy noodles could have been crispier though the HK chef did get a good sauce going. We also had the stone pot hammour. Boy, was that fish juicy and succulent!

I have lived in Doha for a couple of years in desperate search of good Chinese... I think we have found one finally! the decor, ambience and service is the icing on the cake. Not cheap but definitely worth it.

Bill for 4 came to QAR 1200 with a bottle of nz Sauvignon blanc. However, not much for dessert options.

Posted by: Tim on 22 May ' 11 at 14:47

We had a very enjoyable meal for two: excellent food, very pleasant service, nice ambience. This is our second visit and we'll be back!

Posted by: sarah abu dhabi on 17 Mar ' 11 at 09:46

Unfortunately this restaurant looks great but service is still the Doha standard... messy, slack and a let down.
Wrong food brought to the table and when food does arrive cold side dishes complement the hot main course.
While the food is of a good service the attention to the diner is poor.

The Bar area is stylish and cool until the evenings entertainment ensure to give you tinnitus before you leave!
Over bearing music from a singer plus her flautist that are loud enough to sing in the Albert Hall.

This restaurant should be a perfect night out but lets itself down disappointingly.

Posted by: tanya on 23 Jan ' 11 at 07:28

The food was excellent. The service was really good.
They have a bar section with an amazing view.
Decor is very nice too.

best chinese in doha!

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