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Ramada Plaza boasts more than 20 restaurants and bars, with various cuisines from around the world – Pier 12 is the hotel’s seafood offering. With the launch of a new menu, it’s time to revisit the venue and see what innovative delights await us.

Decked out with a nautical theme, the restaurant sports floor-to-ceiling windows adorned with white sails. Inside, large portholes feature pictures of sea views, and a large central light bathes the restaurant in a blue hue. Furniture is a mixture of cream and bronze, and one large slate wall holds an oversized blackboard-style version of the menu. Diners’ eyes are instantly drawn to the open kitchen by an attractive blue mosaic, while noses sniff in anticipation at the delicious seafood aromas wafting towards them.

The new menus rest on wooden stands on each table, mini replicas of the large blackboard version. Warm bread, baked muffin-style, is bought to the table. There are three different types that we devoured with thick curls of butter while we perused the menu. We were pleased to discover a comprehensive selection, with starters including traditional smoked salmon with rugula, capers and crème fraiche, mussels and clams steamed with white wine fennel, pernod and herbs, and a jumbo shrimp cocktail, which seems popular, as several passed our table en route to eager diners.

A polite and very knowledgeable waiter talked us through the choices, before leading us to an impressive fresh fish counter, where delights such as hammour, sole, sea bass, blue cod, turbot, lobster tails and gigantic prawns were arranged for our perusal. As he showed us each fish, he recommended the various methods of cooking and the choice of sauces: Thai green curry, lemon butter, soy sauce, lobster butter, soy sake or white wine. Refreshingly, prices were quoted per portion, so one could choose a dish comfortable in the knowledge that there would be no unpleasant surprises on presentation of the bill.

As lively tunes reverberate around this intimate restaurant, it’s hard not to relax and enjoy the jovial atmosphere. As we sipped on cool sparkling rosé, the waiter arrived with our starters and a small bowl of strawberries ‘to further flavour the wine’. It’s a nice touch, and showed an attention to detail that is sometimes sadly lacking in Doha restaurants.

I selected three large prawns with garlic butter, while my dining partner opted for crab bisque to start. My prawns were chargrilled to perfection and sizzled as I poured the garlic butter onto them from a small accompanying jug. They were soft and moist, dripping in the delicious, hot butter, which proved to be a superb choice. My partner’s bisque was presented in a large bowl, topped with a breadstick and drizzled with cream. It was rich, thick and creamy, with pleasing, tiny morsels of crab to fish out. He found himself ordering a second portion of bread to mop up every last heavenly drop.

For mains, there’s a choice of fishy delights ranging from seafood stew with linguine in lemon and white wine, to Thai fish ‘one pot’ curry, or for the carnivores, a surf and turf with a choice of different steaks. If you are dining as a couple, you might be tempted by the platter for two, which features an array of seafood, including oysters.

From the divine-sounding menu, I eventually opted for sole from the fresh fish counter, which I requested pan-fried with lemon butter. It was light and flaky, yet fleshy and melted in the mouth. The lemon butter was served on the side, which was ideal as very little is needed to flavour this delicate fish. The mixed vegetables and sautéed potatoes were appetising accompaniments, cooked perfectly, and served as sensible portions.

My partner’s traditional fish and chips came as three beer-battered fillets. They were tender, with a crispy golden batter, the sweet potato home fries crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This unexpected sweetness worked well with the fresh fish and the delicious mushy peas. It was a solid twist on a quintessentially classic British dish.

Desserts called to us from the ‘something sweet’ menu. I had a chocolate cinnamon mousse, rich atop juicy, brandy-soaked cherries. It was delicious, heavy and sweet after such delicate fish. I looked on enviously at my partner’s dessert, a light lemon sorbet served with fresh fruit. It was tart and refreshing, and a less gluttinous option to finish.

Pier 12 serves delightful, fresh seafood in an uncomplicated and unpretentious way, and in relaxed surroundings. The new menu is exciting while retaining favourites that regulars will be pleased to see. With excellent service and a congenial atmosphere, this culinary stalwart looks set to keep Doha diners hooked on its terrific seafood.

The bill (for two)
1x crab bisque QR45
1x prawns QR95
1x sole QR140
1x fish and chips QR85
1x chocolate mousse QR35
1x lemon sorbet QR30
1x Aqua Panna QR22
1x JC sparkling rosé QR170
Total (incl charges) QR728

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  • Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, Rawdat Al Khail, Doha
  • Tel: 4428 1555
  • Travel: C Ring Road

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