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10 best thali in Doha

Thali can be a tasty and budget-friendly way to eat Indan food in Doha

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57 Ramadan meal deals in Doha

Iftars and suhoors to try in Doha this year

Tried and tested tents

Gerald Tan has a blitz of the Ramadan tents to try, and serves up these options

Recipes to try in Ramadan

Tabouleh, vine leaves, baklava and more dishes to make in your own home

6 best Doha food events in June

Italia National Day, Meat Week and a last brunch before Ramadan in Doha

Popular dishes from Doha Restaurant Awards winners

Gerald Tan goes to eight of the Doha Restaurant Award winners and tries the most recognisable and popular choice on the menu

Iftar and suhoor in Doha 2015

Iftar and suhoor places in Doha during Ramadan 2015

Philip Chiang talks P.F. Chang's in Doha

Chinese restaurant P. F. Chang’s has opened up in Doha. We talk to one half of the chain’s founder, Philip Chiang

Doha Restaurant Awards 2015: Guests

See who attended the Time Out Doha Restaurant Awards 2015

Doha Restaurant Awards 2015: Winners

Time Out reveals the best restaurants in Doha

6 Mothers' Day meals in Doha

Celebrate Mothers' Day in Doha at these special restaurants

16 best meal deals in Doha in May

Creative melon dishes, swish Swiss, all-you-can-eat sushi and more

Sanjeev Kapoor in Doha

Decorated Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor on his new Doha restaurant

Best new restaurants in Doha

Time Out welcomes these great restaurants to the Doha dining scene

Best cafes in Doha

Drink coffee, eat good food and socialise at the best cafes in Doha

Best romantic restaurants in Doha

Where to go for a romantic meal at a restaurant in Doha

Best Italian restaurants in Doha

Pizza, pasta and more of the very best Italian food in Doha

Best Indian restaurants in Doha

We've found the best Indian food at restaurants in Doha

Best budget restaurant in Doha

Eating out in Doha does not have to be expensive. Eat well and save here

Best Japanese restaurants in Doha

Sushi, teppanyaki, teriyaki and more of the best Japanese food in Doha


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