Dish of the Month: Koosa Mahshi

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What’s the one thing we miss as expats? Mum’s food, of course (for most of us, anyway). Which is why we love what Debs W Remman is doing all this month. They’ve brought in a host of wonderful home cooks, who are passionate about flavours and are culinary connoisseurs of their respective regions. These special cooks were exclusively flown in to Qatar to share their passion for cooking and Lebanese heritage with the Doha community.

The Lebanese mothers, Arze and Georgette, prepare dishes themselves at the various outlets of Debs W Remman, and these are served to customers. It’s no surprise how homely and delicious the dishes are. The ladies prepare each one from scratch, adding their unique touches and secret ingredients, and literally giving you a taste of home.

We, of course, tried a couple of different dishes, but our favourite, and our dish of the month, is the koosa mahshi. If you like Mediterranean food, you’ll have already tried some mahshi, but this version is special – Zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers stuffed with rice and ground beef, and cooked in a comforting, rich tomato sauce.

With this month also featuring Lebanese Independence Day, it’s the perfect time to head on over, try some authentic food, chat with the ladies (whose recipes could end up on the menu for good) and possibly even take home a few expert tips. Consider us sold, and see you down there.
QR65. Open daily 10am-11pm, Mall of Qatar (4456 8374); daily 9am-1am, The Pearl-Qatar (3333 4663).

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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