Dish of the Month: Spicy miso ramen

We are delighted to find Megu, a spot serving excellent, authentic ramen Discuss this article

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Megu has been tucked away in Porto Arabia for a while. This beautifully decorated Japanese restaurant has been brought back to life recently, with a brand-new menu and, our favourite part, revised prices. The restaurant is bright in the afternoons and perfectly lit at night.

From the cherry blossoms at the entrance to the fully-functional Japanese washlet in the back, we absolutely adore the authenticity and exclusivity of Megu.

The new menu is affordable and exciting, and features salads, appetisers and, our favourite, ramen. The new Shoyo ramen consists of wheat noodles in a light, soy- based broth with nori, baby asparagus and boiled egg. You can choose to add chicken, beef or shrimps to your regular ramen.

Our flavour of the month, however, is the spicy miso ramen, a miso-based soup with yellow noodles, mushrooms, baby asparagus, nori, coriander and boiled egg.One look at this spicy ramen and you’re immediately awestruck by the vivid flash of colour. The broth is a lovely shade of rust with the lawn green from baby asparagus on top. The carrots, sweetcorn and boiled eggs are in unison, and one slurp of the broth brings about some serious heat from the chilli sauce, with a subtle yet much-needed sweetness to it. It’s excellent. Try it with shrimp for a delicious flavour that’s not overpowering at all. The ramen portions are really generous, exactly as they should be. We’ll be back for more.
QR55. Ongoing. Open Sat-Thu noon-11.30pm, Fri 12.30pm-11.30pm. Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (4409 5237).

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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