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It is no secret that the biggest, and best, thing to do in Doha is eat. Whether it’s at 2am on your couch with an unreasonably large tub of sympathy ice cream, or at that hip new spot where you’ve queued up twice already, food is the mainstay of our Doha existence. In this issue, we’ve rounded up the best new spots that you absolutely can’t miss trying out, not only because they are brand new restaurants at some brand new locations, but mainly because we’ve painstakingly piled on the pounds to present the best of the best to you, dear readers. And yes, you’re welcome.

L'ETO Caffe
A big reason to visit the new Alhazm Mall would be to try this café out. They have some delicious, but overpriced, desserts and cakes, along with lots of other stuff on the menu. Don’t be disheartened with the costs. If you expect to get a taste of Qatar’s most luxurious mall, it is going to come at a price.
Open daily 7pm-1.30am. Al Hazm Mall, Markhiya (4443 5553).

Build it Burger
We are inclined to think that burger joints are burgeoning faster than malls and hotels in this country. Not that we’re complaining. Build it Burger, however, follows a slightly different concept. You can build your burger here from scratch, choosing the type of bun, meat, cheese, sauces, salads and other toppings. You can also choose how well you want your meat cooked. Plus, all their burgers are made fresh in Qatar and we love being local.
Open Sun-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am-12am. Al Gharafa (5000 1633).


This New York meets Lebanon eatery is small but chic. Doha really needs more of such places. The interiors are loud and funky and the food is as tasty as it is well-presented, mostly. They serve signature mishtas, which are fine. If you are okay with paying approximately QR20 for a taco (yes, a single taco) and manage your expectations, definitely go here.
Open Sat-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri 1pm-11pm. West Bay (5021 6565).

Volume Café

We always love a new café in Qanat Quartier because it’s truly one of Doha’s most picturesque places. Volume Café might just have the best location – it is right next to the valet parking, so you literally have to walk only three steps in agonising humidity to get here. They have good coffee, a selection of sweet and savoury bites and best of all, lots and lots of books to read. We mean lots. Check it out for yourselves.
Open Sat-Wed 4pm-11pm, Thu-Fri 4pm-midnight. The Pearl-Qatar (6624 2769).

Sazeli Qatar

This restaurant is massive, spread across three floors, and we think it might be the best Turkish restaurant in town. Their signature iskander kebab is excellent, as are many of their other dishes. The ground level is a steakhouse, where you can choose your mezzes and meat which will be cooked to your liking. The middle level is a bit more comfortable with couches to lounge in and more restaurant-style food. The top-most level serves shisha outdoors. The quality of food is great, the service is even better and from the way it’s packed on school nights, we can tell this is going to be a top foodie spot in Doha, if it isn’t already.
Open Sat-Wed 10am-11pm, Thu-Fri 10am-midnight. Mall of Qatar (4028 5668).

Life with Cacao

We have only two words for this cute, new café – cookie fondant. It’s true, it’s real and it’s absolutely delicious. The cookie fondant (and their other desserts) is everything you dreamed of. We mean, imagine cutting into the chewiest cookie only to find super gooey milk chocolate oozing out. While you salivate on that thought, mark a visit to Life with Cacao in your weekend diary. They also have hot and cold beverages, breakfast items, savoury stuff and a whole lot of drool-worthy desserts. Yum.
Open daily 9am-midnight. Mall of Qatar (4477 4345).

The place looks promising – dimly lit with gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant is bustling with beautiful details and elements. Expect to dish out a minimum of QR300 though, because Italian fare in a luxury setting is not cheap, obviously. That said, their truffle risotto is definitely worth the QR115 you have to pay for it.
Open daily 4pm-midnight. Alhazm Mall, Markhiya (3334 9480 / 6644 0590).

They weren’t kidding when they named the restaurant. The owners clearly took geometry very seriously (you should too, if you’re reading this and still in school) because literally everything inside is triangle-shaped, from the bathroom sink to the restaurant ceiling. And if an entire restaurant featuring triangle-themed interiors is not enough for you, order their burger that comes in, you guessed it, triangular bread. Also, we cannot stress enough how great the jar fries are (spoiler alert: chili beef on the inside).
Open daily 5pm-11pm. The Pearl, Medina Centrale (4477 4332).

Artisan du Chocolat
Here is a one-stop-shop for all your chocolate needs. Whether you want to speed-binge on 17 flavours of truffles, or just give a flip flop (made of chocolate) to someone, Artisan du Chocolat is the place to do it. They even have sugar-free and vegan chocolates. Also, their salted caramel truffles are the best ever.
Open Sat-Wed 10am-midnight, Thu-Fri 10am-1am. Mall of Qatar (5520 9889).

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

This is no ordinary pizza diner. They have a selection of bases including their 95 percent gluten-free base, vegetarian options like their veg lasagne, fresh Italian desserts and, of course, coffees. We also like this place because you can choose up to five sauces (this is great because we really love our sauces) to spice up a traditional Neapolitan pizza. So, seriously, what are you waiting for?
Open Sun-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-1am. Doha Festival City (no number).

Koushari & More
If you ever get a craving for koushari (does anyone actually do that?), you can find a variety of koushari dishes here, from the classic to versions that have shrimp and cheese (just imagine that). If you are even borderline hardcore, we recommend the Alexandrian-style koushari with liver. It's in the food court, but who cares as long as portions are great and prices are good?
Open daily 10am-10pm. Doha Festival City (4412 2633), Mall of Qatar (4436 6877).

The Real Burger
Yay, finally a burger joint that’s not in a mall. As excited as we are, we also now realise that might not have been the best thing. The place is super packed with cars, and it is like this any time you visit here. Yes, the burger is good. We’ve had better, though. Try it.
Open daily 1pm-1am. Abu Hamour (4444 1136).

Future Vision Café
A simple but sweet café that has good coffee and a range of savoury items and desserts. The best part is that everything is reasonably priced, so really, you don’t have to think twice before having breakfast here thrice a week.
Open daily 8am-12am. Al Sadd (4451 5391).

The Chemist Café

There’s cool, there’s super cool and then there’s The Chemist Café. It’s located quite far off, on the F Ring Road (GPS is inaccurate), in B Square Mall (yes, we hadn’t heard of it either) and it is quite small. But everything is chemistry-themed and in such a fun way that you really don’t have to think about how much you hated chemistry classes at school. All items are served in test tubes, beakers and measuring glasses, just like in a laboratory, with smoke coming out of pretty much everything. The bubble gum mojito is our favourite, and also the best seller. Time to like science again. For Breaking Bad fans, they have a massive gas mask mural and a drink to match. Enough said.
Open Sun-Thu 2pm-11pm, Fri-Sat noon-midnight. B Square Mall (5034 0340).

If you love Al Aker, then try out Nafeeseh Sweets, that’s just opened. They have a small dine-in area and a large range of other extremely sugary Arabic sweets.
Open daily 10am-11.30pm. Wholesale Market Road, Abu Hamour (4444 8003).

7 St by Mumbai Spices
7 St by Mumbai Spices has to be one of our favourite new spots, not just for the amazing ambience and quirky artwork and décor, but mainly for the Mumbai-style street food they serve, which is on point. They serve the best kacchhi dabeli in Doha, and it’s fine if you don’t understand what it means (we don’t either). It's a pasty, and crunchy, sort of mixture inside Indian bread, toasted in butter. Ask for extra cheese, if you please. We know it’s fantastic, and that you have to go try it (if you don’t have any peanut allergy, that is). You can even find all the other street food classics and chaat items. The main dishes are great too, and everything is reasonably priced. It’s located a little outside Doha, which is great because parking isn’t a problem here. Move already.
Open Sat-Wed 8am-11pm, Thu-Fri 8am-12pm. Barwa Commercial Avenue, Abu Hamour (4487 7795).

Icy Bun
Two guys merge two ideas from the States and UK and bring to Doha what we now know as Icy Bun. Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t crushed ice served with bread or, actually, frozen bread. They work together with Baskin Robbins to bring the best ice cream flavours and stuff them inside doughnuts, with lots of Nutella and fruit loops-type toppings. Order the cotton candy flavour, if you want to make yours Instagram-worthy (you're welcome). Our friends, serving icy cool goodness, are just what we need on a hot summer night.
Open Sun-Thu noon-3pm, 4pm-11pm, Fri 4pm-midnight. Al Aziziyah (no number).

Opening soon

Five Guys
We’ve heard there are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys. We’re not greedy though, and we’re okay to try just 17,000 of them. The important thing is, we are just so happy to hear they’re coming to Doha.
Doha Festival City (no number).


This new concept Indian restaurant is opening at The Pearl-Qatar and it sounds like something special. It’s going to have classic and contemporary street food in a fun setting, with vibrant art and authentic Indian elements like auto rickshaws (which we really hope we can ride), blended in with the décor.
Megapolis, The Pearl-Qatar (no number).

If you grew up in the GCC, you definitely remember these chocolates. They were brought to every party, farewell, casual dinner, anniversary and even birthday, as gifts. But this time, you’ll get the whole chocolatey experience and from the location, we can tell it’s going to be pretty luxurious.
Alhazm Mall, Markhiya (no number).

No, this is not a rumour. Yes, Nusr-et is really coming to Doha (we confirmed it) very, very soon. We have been dreaming of this – watching salt bae sprinkle the much-talked-about ingredient all over. It’s opening at the Sheraton and we are waiting with bated breath.
Sheraton Grand Resort (4485 4444).

Cut by Wolfgang Puck

It was about time they brought Cut to Doha. We always love locally-sourced ingredients and the best cuts of beef, which Cut specialises in. Wolfgang Puck is a name common in true foodie circles and the good news is he’s probably going to be at the opening in just a few days (or weeks). Or so we hope. And guess what? They are doing brunch, too!
Mondrian Doha (no number).

The Pier
Next month we'll see a casual-chic lounge serving international and oriental food, interesting beverages and shisha, with amazing views of the Arabian gulf. We're thinking south of France beach lounge vibes.
Four Seasons Hotel (4494 8888).

By Shereen D’Souza
Time Out Doha,

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