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Think of Asia’s most famous soups, and hot bowls of tom yam, laksa, pho or ramen probably spring to mind. Less known, it seems, but a staple of Chinese dinner tables, is hot pot (or pinyin huo guo). The most popular version is served as a steaming, aromatic broth in a metal dish with piles of raw ingredients on the side to be cooked at the table, like thinly sliced meats, leaf vegetables, wontons, egg dumplings, tofu, seafood and much more. But just as good – if not better – is Asia Live!’s pinyin sha guo.

Similar in content, seasoning and ingredients, but different slightly in preparation, it’s cooked in a clay pot and served simmering and steaming to the table. The seafood, meat or vegetables are stir fried and prepared first, and then the broth – either Sichuan or Cantonese style – is added second and simmered over 15 minutes or so to allow all the seasoning to infuse the ingredients.

With the plush patterned carpets, low lighting and quaint oriental interiors of the venue, this makes for about as authentic a meal as you can find in Qatar.

Hot pots are traditionally served in the winter, so Chef Zheng’s new menu arrives just in time for the cooler months. Asia Live! is still, at heart, a fusion restaurant, so there are plenty of dishes like teppanyaki and sushi, too. But in our opinion, there are few things less comforting that tucking into a hot bowl of soup. People of Doha, meet your new favourite.
From QR90. Open Mon-Sat 6.30pm-11.30pm. Asia Live!, Doha Marriott, Ras Abu Abboud Street (4429 8499).

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