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1 This is your third opening in Qatar, what keeps bringing you back?
I always like to be part of cities that are at the forefront, and I think Doha is one of those cities. It’s very dynamic.

2 Z Lounge is Latin-Asian fusion, why do those cuisines go so well together?
Culinarily speaking, they’re very similar. We use a lot of the same flavours as far as heat, acidity and spiciness.

3 You grew up in Mexico, what do you miss most about the food there?
I love to share food and street foods are very easy to share. I love the markets in Mexico; just going to all the different food stands and eating… it’s one of my favourite ways to eat.

4 What’s the one ingredient you always keep in your cupboard?
I couldn’t live without chillis – they’re very misunderstood. People just relate them to heat, but they are actually very diverse ingredients. I look at them almost like herbs.

5 The most memorable meal of your life, to date?
At Lespinasse [in New York]. The chef was Gray Kunz and he just kept my palate on a roller coaster. It was an amazing, amazing meal.

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