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Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16 and we asked two Doha-based chefs to share their favourite classic Latin American recipes with us. Try them in your own kitchen.

Chicken Pibil Yucatan Style

Chef Pablo Fernandez of the newly revamped award-winning Mexican restaurant Salsa in the Doha Marriott shares a dish from the Yucatan peninsula

Serves 4

1 x whole chicken
1 x packet of achiote paste (you can substitute this with chili paste)
200g blended tomato
150ml orange juice
3 x garlic cloves
150g white onion
100g red onion julienne
Salt and pepper to taste

For garnish
50g rice
Jalapeno peppers
Bay leaves

• Blend the achiote with the orange juice, garlic, white onion and tomato (you can add some chili if desired).

• Blanch the chicken for a few minutes in boiling water then take it out and cut into quarters.

• With the blended preparation, marinate the chicken and then wrap the meat with banana leaves and set in oven until it’s cooked through.

• To begin creating the garnish, cook white rice.

• Then cook the jalapeno peppers with some carrot in a mixture of oil and vinegar until soft. Add bay leaves, black peppercorns and set aside until plating.

• Present the chicken in the open banana wrap with rice and the marinade.

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