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June’s arrived, and with it, we retreat into our icy fortresses of solitude to weather out the duration of the hot months (what can we say, our Editor’s from Canada: they don’t fare well in heat). There’s just one problem with this hermit-like summertime existence: you still have to eat. Thankfully, shimmering on the horizon like brave motorcycle angels of greasy mercy, Doha delivers. In a serious way. We’ve rounded up 67 surefire options to help you navigate the what’s-for-dinner cunnundrum without ever having to set food outside. Bon Appetite!


Al Hamra
Ease of ordering: Relatively simple
Delivery time: 1/5
Times: 7am-midnight
Verdict: Nice Syrian, Lebanese and assorted Arabic treats on offer, alongside western selections.
Get it: Al Rayyan Rd (4436 1331/ 4436 4300/ 4443 3297)

Al Karawan
Ease of ordering: Fairly easy
Delivery time: 2/5
Times: 7am-1am
Verdict: Arabic food heavy on the Egyptian. Alas, the day we ordered they didn’t have the pigeon roast available (drat) but we’re deeply committed to their lamb with Egyptian rice.
Get it: Rase Abu Abboud (4431 5844/ 4431 5843)

Al- Majles Al-Arabi Restaurant
Ease of ordering: Translator? Anyone?
Delivery time: 3/5
Times: 7am-1am
Verdict: A weird mix of International and Middle Eastern food, it’s a good choice if you don’t want to have to choose.
Get it: Ali bin Jasim Souq 4444 7417/ 4444 7416

Al Shami Home Restaurant
Ease of ordering: Can be challenging the first time or if you don’t speak Arabic, but it generally works out in the end.
Delivery time: 4/5
Times: 24 hours
Verdict: Some of the best mezza we’ve ever had, it shows up hot even when ordering big portions for parties. Their moutabbel and mohummra are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. Plus just specify a price and they’ll fill it with a mix of options for a big group.
Get it: 4443 3666

Al Tazaj Fakieh
Ease of ordering: Actually pretty easy
Delivery Time: 3/5
Times: Various
Verdict: Chicken in more ways than we thought possible. It’s the Arabic version of barbecue, simple and straightforward. Food arrived hot and fresh.
Get it: Al Khalifa St (4487 1611), Ramada Junction (4465 7657), Al Waab St (4447 4059), City Centre Mall (4493 0752/ 4493 0764), Al Rayyan (4480 2630), Landmark Mall (4486 9989), Lulu Hypermarket (4466 9247), Hyatt Plaza (4469 7354)

Awtar Restaurant
Ease of ordering: Challenging
Delivery time: 2/5
Times: Sat-Wed noon-midnight, Thurs-Fri noon-2am.
Verdict: Solid and tasty Lebanese food, don’t expect anything fancy from this spot. It was pretty good, but we did have to reheat our kofta ourselves.
Get it: Salwa Rd (4467 8965)

Ease of ordering: Have a menu at hand.
Delivery time: 1/5
Times: noon-1am
Verdict: Lebanese fast food at it’s. . . well, it’s Lebanese fast food. They offer a mix of mezza next to burger and fries, cheap and fast. You get what you pay for.
Get it: Salwa Rd (4465 7676)

Isfahan Xpress
Ease of ordering: Be prepared to enunciate.
Times: Al Furosiya and Al Wakra 11.30am-1.30am, Al Gharafat 11.30am-2am, and The Mall 10.30am-11.30pm
Verdict: Fantastic kebabs done Iranian style (or so claims the menu) make this worth the struggle to order them. They turn up hot, and their saj bread almost makes up for the plain white rice they’re served with. Extra points for not charging us for delivery.
Get it: Al Furosiya (4414 1718/ 33228067), Al Gharafa (4486 8811/ 33228084), Al Wakra (4477 2726/ 3317 2484), The Mall (4465 3906/ 3363 2717)

Jabal Lebanon Bakery
Ease of ordering: Slightly challenging, but the menu items are in English, which helps
Delivery time: 2/5
Times: 24 hours
Verdict: Nice barbecue, it shows up still hot which is always a plus.
Get it: Al Nasr St ( 4442 1704/ 5533 7574)

Marmara Istanbul
Ease of ordering: Surprisingly easy
Delivery time: 2/5
Times: 7.30am-4.30am
Verdict: We like their late-night times, which is the ideal time to sample their fantastic shawarma. Simple, yet fantastic.
Get it: Al Sadd (4436 5414/ 4436 2947), Bin Omran (4486 3527/ 4486 8395), Aziziyah (4447 4801/ 4447 4802)

Royal Palace of Bukhari
Ease of Ordering: Surprisingly effective despite small language barrier
Delivery Time: 2/5
Times: 11am-12.30am
Verdict: Solid choices, although not sure it always lives up to it’s grandiose name.
Get it: The Mall (4436 0800/ 4436 0801), Al Nasr St (4436 0802/ 4436 0803)

Sabah W Masa
Ease of ordering:
Delivery time: 2/5
Times: Sat-Wed 7am-1am, Thurs-Fri 24 hours
Verdict:This popular chain is popular for a reason. Fresh and tasty they do a great Lebanese breakfast.
Get it: Salwa Rd (4466 6001/ 4466 7570)

Shater Abbas
Ease of Ordering: Umm. . .
Times: Sat-Wed 11.30am-11.30pm, Thurs-Fri 12.30pm-1am
Verdict: Iranian food mixed with the usual Arabic offerings, their menu is intriguing.
Get it: Al Difaa Street (4432 1091/ 4436 0602) Al Sadd St (4442 5377), Al Rayyan (4401 5656/ 4414 1535/ 4414 1575)

Ease of Ordering: Easy. They even remember the most difficult to find Doha addresses
Delivery Time: 1/5
Times: Al Sadd is open 24 hours, Airport and Al Rayyan 6am-midnight, Muaither 6am-1am, Um Salal 5.30am-midnight
Verdict: Their fatayers are tasty and a nice snack that can easily make a meal, although they seem to think food cannot touch.
Get it: Al Sadd (4442 7776), Al Rayyan (4491 8104), Muaither (4481 8102), Airport (4466 7307), Umm Salal (4492 2009)

Turkey Central
Ease of Ordering: Sometimes language-barrier mistakes results in delicious surprises: some of our favorite dishes were ones we didn’t actually order.
Delivery time: 3/5
Times: 10am-midnight
Verdict: Tasty and a solid choice, we especially love their bread- either the freshly baked flat breads or the tomato bread, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Get it: 4443 2927/ 4442 3423/ 4441 2435

Wafi gourmet
Ease of Ordering: Have a menu in front of you or get ready to explain
Delivery time: 3/5
Times: noon-11pm
Verdict: A deli, Lebanese style! They’ve got a variety of solid hot and cold mezza options, plus a huge bakery.
Get it: Landmark Mall (4486 4747)

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