Best soups in Doha
Because soup is for life, not just for the health conscious
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Because soup is for life, not just for the health conscious every January.

Let’s make a deal. Let’s pretend the holiday season and all associated mirth and merriment did not happen. Let’s not even think about the clothes that will feel snug in the coming weeks. Let’s dispel any talk of dieting. Let’s just say we’ll be drinking soup for kicks because they’re delicious and deserve to be regarded as so much more than convalescent cuisine. Let’s savour these soups for what they are – comfort, healthy food at its best.

Creamy tomato soup

The classic combination of a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup is raised up several rungs. You start with a vivid, vermillion base, both light and tart. Instead of cream, olive oil lends depth to the soup. To top this all off, cheesy crouton bars. Eaten together, each mouthful tastes of a modern take on a childhood favourite.
Market by Jean-Georges – QR45. W Hotel (West Bay) – open daily noon-4pm, 6pm-11.30pm (4453 5373)

Alt wiener suppentopf

Considered the king of Austrian soups, this ‘old Viennese stock pot’ can be found in Doha’s sole Austrian restaurant. The beef boullion is packed full with brunoise-cut carrots and onions along with strips of beef, sausage, and vermicelli. With the time-tested balance of starch, vegetable, and meat, it’s a whole meal in one bowl.
La Gourmandise – QR40. Al Jazi Gardens compound – open daily 11am-10pm (3321 6108)

Tortilla soup

Creamy, spicy and full of body, this dish has plenty of character. The base is of puréed tomatoes with guajillo peppers. Add to that pieces of avocado, cheese, sour cream and crispy tortilla strips, and they recall the flavours of a guacamole. For die-hard tortilla fans, there’s a basket of the heavenly chips to accompany the meal.
Pampano – QR50. 1 La Croisette, The Pearl Qatar – open daily noon-midnight (4495 3876, ext. 1211)

Chilli beef ramen

When the ramen first arrives, the beef is perfectly tender and the soup simultaneously spicy and sweet. You may want to linger, but the trick is to slurp as quickly as you can before the noodles absorb too much broth and turn stodgy. This isn’t first-date food but the kind you come back for every week with an old friend.
Wagamama – QR59. Lagoona Mall Courtyard – open daily 11.30am-11pm (4463 3876)

Seafood tom yam

For me, it’s the real deal when fresh stalks of lemongrass and slices of galangal mingle with the prawns and calamari and fish. Admittedly, there’s little atmosphere in this take-out shack, but the humble kitchen makes up for it with authentic Thai flavours, starting with a sour, spicy tom yam that could knock your socks off.
Thai Corner – QR32. The Center – open Sat-Thu 9.30am-10.30pm, Friday 12.30pm-10.30pm (6640 7858)


Although not technically on the menu, this rustic standard makes regular appearances as the restaurant’s soup of the day. A vegetarian harvest, it’s a kaleidoscope of carrots, peas, zucchini, black-eyed beans and pasta swimming in a clear tomato broth – the perfect start to a multi-course Italian feast.
Lo Spaghetto – QR42. Al Hamdani Street, Al Sadd – open daily noon-3.30pm; 6.30pm-11pm (4434 1601)

By Gerald Tan

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