Ramadan phrases to learn

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Hello: Marhaba
Goodbye: Maa’ assalama
Please: Low samaht
Thank you: Mashkoor
Yes: Na’am
No: La
Excuse me: Afwan, Itha samaht

Happy Ramadan: Ramadan Kareem
Are you fasting?: Enta sayem? (to a male)
Enti sayma? (to a female)
What is this called?: Shu ssm hal shay?
How are you?: Wesh olumak?
Do you speak English?: Tetkallem Engleesi?
I do not understand: Mu fahem alek
I like this food: Ana aheb hal-akel
Where are you from?: Mn wein bladak?
What time is it?: Kam el sa’a al-heen?

One: Wahid
Two: Ethnin
Three: Thalatha
Four: Arba’a
Five: Khamsa
Six: Setta
Seven: Saba’a
Eight: Thamaneya
Nine: Tes’a
Ten: Ashara

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