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Greg Malouf is changing the way the world looks at Middle Eastern food one beautifully presented plate at a time. From Petersham Nurseries Café in London – which earned a Michelin star under Malouf – to Clé Dubai, he’s setting the standard both on a global scale, as well as right here in the region.

After travelling extensively throughout Iran, Lebanon, Syria and beyond, learning about ingredients, cooking techniques and the traditions behind them, his knowledge of Middle Eastern food is almost unparalleled. This Ramadan, he is setting up shop in the W Doha’s tent, serving food inspired by his travels and childhood.

Among dishes like lentil tabbouleh and Palestinian chicken in saj, is this slow-cooked lamb shoulder, roasted for eight hours at a low temperature and marinated in baharat spices including cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and star anise. Eat it with lambs lettuce salad topped with shanklish (a blend of cheeses and spices bound with yoghurt and dried in cloth) and an unusual iteration of the Greek garlic dip Skordalia. Normally made with soaked bread, almonds, garlic, lemon and olive oil, Malouf replaces the bread with parsnips to give the mixture sweetness.

It’s a combination of dishes that combines Levant tradition with Mediterannean influences. Thoroughly characteristic of Malouf’s cooking style, it’s food transformed for the modern age, that somehow retains the integrity of time-old recipes passed down through generations.

QR230 (as part of the iftar buffet). Sunset-8.15pm. W Doha, West Bay (4453 5000).

By Sofia Vyas
Time Out Doha,

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